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Midwest Clearinghouse / Run away fast!

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If there is someone at your door as we speak trying to sell you magazines from this company, thank them politely and close the door!!! You won't regret it! Then come back to your computer and finish reading this.

I answered my door one day this summer to a young man who recited a memorized sales pitch telling me how this company was going to make his life better. He said he would get points if I ordered magazines. Originally I thought, what's the harm in renewing a magazine I already received, Better Homes and Gardens. Apparently that magazine is wise to this despicable company and does not do business with them. Instead he offered me a subscription to House and Garden Magazine. I figured, "Fine, a yr subscription, no big deal." I had my checkbook out when he told me it cost $58.05. My jaw dropped-- he told me it was a 3 yr subscription and that was the smallest subscription they had for this particular magazine. Meanwhile, my husband was n the computer and did look up the company-- unfortunately for us, he did not find THIS website.

I will admit-- I AM APPARENTLY A DUMMY. I wrote the check and figured if I don't like the magazine, I'll just cancel the subscription. Well 5 months in, I don't like the magazine and I did try to cancel. I was redirected by House and garden to a phone # to call, that was the national portion of the company, from there I was given the midwest clearinghouse #-- I was told they'd cancel but no refund. When I asked for a manager, he explained to me that everyone has already been paid and there was nothing he could do about it and on my original receipt it said I had only 3 days to cancel.

I work for commission for a reputable company, when I get paid if there is later a problem-- it is rectified by my company with either new product or by refund. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau online. I plan on calling House and Garden and let them know that their company's name is being connected to a company with deceptive practices and find out if that's what they really want. Hopefully that will go better than anything else so far.

If that sales person just left with your check-- stop payment on it right away. From what I've read from others, I wouldn't expect that this horrible company would honor a refund even in the first 3 days as their contract states-- It would be really easy for them to drag their feet longer than that.

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  • Mi
      28th of Jul, 2009
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    I agrre 100% with the above article. Don't buy your magazine from anybody who comes to your front door. If you want a great deal just go online and you able to get some great deals, and usually cost you way less because this people charge 2-3 times the actual cost.

  • Wo
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    Oh, I wish I had looked this company up on line! I admit I was easily engaged by the likable young man at my door who showed me the list of other neighbors who had purchased magazines from him, earning him points. I was encouraged for him as he had great presentation and people skills and told me how this job was helping him develop those skills so he could get out of the bad neighborhood and culture of his youth. Anyway, I was glad to get some extra magazines, and yes I was shocked by the price of $128 for 3 magazines...OK, it was for 3 years, they were magazines I could bring into my business waiting room, and now I had mentally committed myself to helping out this young man.

    Oh, boy, my husband wasn't too happy...yes, I'm a sucker, I admitted, but it was even worse when 2 days later in our local paper, there was a picture of that engaging salesman ...the police caught up with him and he was arrested for multiple felony charges!! I would still like to believe that he was trying to turn his life around, but I called the company to cancel anyway.

    The person on the line wasn't sure he could stop the transaction, so I called my bank to cancel the check immediately. This was several months ago.

    Here's the kicker...yesterday in the mail I rec'd a letter from a collection agency! I haven't heard anything from Midwest Clearing- no bills and certainly no magazines!! It said I not only needed to pay the $128, but there was a $25 "other" charge. My excellent credit was being challenged by a $153 fraudulent charge!

    The woman at the collection agency was nice enough and agreed that she has heard before that this is a terrible company (my words). It sounds like it will be easily corrected (I hope!!), but I have to go through the hassle of writing a letter and faxing it to the collection agency!

    This is so rediculous it is almost laughable...except that I have wasted too much time and energy on this fraudulent company!


  • Wo
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    110 days later...OK, this WAS almost laughable, until I now have a negative, red mark on my credit report due to 2 fraudulent companies! (see my previous post -workingmomof2)

    BEWARE canceling your check!! When I first spoke to the collections agency about the MIDWEST CLEARING charge, I felt confident that the charge would be dropped after they received my letter...the salesman was arrested for multiple felonies, I couldn't cancel the order, canceled the check, never received any magazines or bills and then received a letter from a collection agency...clearly, I didn't owe them money.

    After another letter from RICKENBACKER COLLECTION SERVICES, a call to confirm that it was "in research" and it wouldn't affect my credit, I was then notified by an independent credit watch company, that I did indeed have a significant change to my credit report...the RED notice that I was grossly overdue on the payment to Rickenbacker Collections!

    When I called, they said, oh, need to provide us with documentation that you canceled your check and documentation like a police report...we can't close this account unless we have proof - WHAT???!!!

    I called back to verify with a manager - I mentioned getting my lawyer involved to fight this, b/c it in no way should affect my great credit report. Now she says she will write a letter to Midwest Clearing to determine what is going on...WHAT WERE THEY DOING THE WHOLE TIME IT WAS "IN RESEARCH"??!! Shouldn't they have been looking into this months ago? They should have actually researched, or clearly let me know months ago if they needed more documentation before reporting me and having my credit score affected.

    This has been a truly ridiculous and frustrating experience with serious consequences. Unfortunately, I now am completely mistrusting of any door-to door salesman, unless it is neighbor selling girl scout cookies!

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