Midwest Air / Offers a refund, doesn't deliver

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Midwest completely changed a flight I confirmed and paid for 2 months earlier, offered me a refund and still no $$. I booked a flight with Midwest back on Jan 6th for a great price, but it was too good to be true. I received an email on March 17th asking me to contact them regarding "changes" to my flight. When I called I was greeted by an automated voice stating "your wait time is a minimum of 20 minutes". When I finally got a person I was told that my return flight was going to be 4 hours earlier than booked and there were going to be 2 connections. No apologies, no explanation. I asked if there were other options and was told they could fly me home the next day. I asked what flights were available and they said the exact same. What's the point of that? I said that wouldn't work and I was then offered a refund. I was told I couldn't have a confirmation for the refund but that I would see it in 1 to 2 "billing cycles". I had a bad feeling, so the following week I tried calling every day but the hold times were ridiculous, so I tried their email help. No response and 4 days passed, so I had to suck it up and call. I was on the phone for 57 minutes- most of it on hold and was told there was no record of any refund. In addition, they changed the date of my return flight without my permission. I asked to talk to a supervisor, but they were too busy. I was then told the refund would be processed within 7 to 10 business days, but I might not see it on my credit card statement for 1 to 2 billing cycles. Several days later I got a snippy response from their email customer service assuring me the refund had been processed on the 17th. This isn't what I was told on the 26th. They messed up my flight and offered me the refund, but clearly they are not interested in customer service. They should be shut down.


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