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The company advertised hosting service with email addresses. The email addresses hosted with them get constantly blacklisted, obviously because a lot of spamming businesses use their services. None of my email addresses with them are usable for sending mail. Totally unsuitable for business or if you expect to use email addresses for sending out email.

They got it me in to paying an additional service for assigning a static (unique, non-shared) IP address to my account, which was supposed to resolve this issue.

The static IP address never resolved the issue which means that the static IP addressed they give out are already blacklisted on the internet. They refuse to give me another static IP address obviously afraid that I will find out that that address is going to a blacklisted one too.

They advertise 24/7 support. The way it works is - if you phone at 11pm let's say - your call can be answered about 8a, in the morning. That's a good way for a company with 6 hour support to say they have 24 hour support.

The support staff on the phone if you ever have the good luck to get to any of them is rude and always suggesting you the customer - go ahead and figure out the problem yourself.

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  • St
      Nov 18, 2010
    midPhase - Horrible Customer Service
    164 N. Spring Creek Pkwy.
    United States
    Phone: 1-866-MIDPHASE

    All of a sudden they claimed they could not process my monthly payments that were supposed to process automatically. The card is a corporate card and there is an abundant limit and is used on an almost daily basis for all kinds of business purchases and payments with no issues whatsoever.

    I logged into their admin portal and checked the card information and all is correct and accurate.

    Finally this evening I get a call that our site is down.

    I log in again to the admin portal and check the card information and it is all correct.

    Then I go so far as to try to process the payments manually in the admin portal and each time receive the error "Merchant Account Configuration Error".

    So I try a different card just in case and get the same "Merchant Account Configuration Error".

    Then just to be thorough I try their option to pay by bank check and this time I get "ACH Merchant Account Configuration Error".

    So at this point it is clear the problem is on their side with their Merchant processing service. I then went to their website and opened a support ticket via their online chat.

    Well at this point the fun begins because I ended up talking to the worst smart-### customer service representative I have ever experienced.

    When I explained the situation and that the problem is and has been on their end all along and that our site was down because of it. I basically got a big "so what" from him.

    He said he couldn't fix the merchant account error. So I asked if he would at least bring the site back up until we could get to the bottom of it in the morning. He said he could but, he wasn't authorized to do so.

    I then asked for a supervisor and his response was "isn't going to happen"! "Isn't going to happen"? I am not allowed to request a supervisor.

    I then asked if he could manually turn us back on and he said...wait for it..."no".

    That's it just "no". The rest of the conversation was down hill from there. With him actually going so far as to mock me as if I was just some deadbeat that didn't pay his bills.

    So my site is down due to their persistent error, I can't talk to a supervisor, I am mocked and demeaned in a smart-### way, and when I ask for help in the meantime I am told simply "no"?!

    Well without question we will never do business with these clowns again and I would warn any companies looking for web hosting to go somewhere else!

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  • Vi
      Nov 19, 2010

    Were you able to get the code for the site to host someplace else?

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  • St
      Nov 19, 2010

    To all:

    Here is a follow-up to the issue. A manager from Midphase contacted me immediately this morning and sincerely apologized for the behavior of the customer service rep. He did not defend the employee at all but, sincerely and repeatedly apologized. Our site was still not up however, and they worked with us to get the site up and running. They also moved us to a dedicated server with a "clean" IP as we were also having some DNS provider errors due to a problem with the shared IP we were on.

    So I have to say that they jumped right on the issue this morning and did their best to resolve it. That said, it should never of happened in the first place and that rep, I hope, is flipping burgers now.

    So I am willing to give them another chance. We'll see how it goes...

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