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I have been a long time customer of AT&T and was primarily satisfied but recently I have had a number of problems with little resolution.

1. In September I called customer service to inquire about possible upgrades to my wireless account. At that time a women told me that I had access to a free phone due to being a long time customer. I said "no thank you" probably 7 times until she told me it would be free, the new line would be free and all I had to pay was shipping. I hope you have a recording of that call because that representative is a liar and should be retrained is nothing else. I discovered at my next billing that nothing was actually free. I then returned the phone to the ATT store near me (20669 Center Ridge Rocky River OH). After 2 hours on the phone with the loyalty department, they agreed to terminate the 614 area code phone line and I returned the phone even though it was beyond the residential return policy. Of course my next bill still included the cost of the iPhone so I went into the store again. I was told that the phone return charge didn't go on the account until after my bill was printed so it should come off the next time. Of course it did not so I returned to the store for the 3rd time. Again they called a "main office" and after an hour they agreed to credit my account for the price of the phone. The whole process has been difficult and I am still not sure it is resolved.
2. The first time I was in the store they talked me into Direct TV as it was much cheaper than my Cox account. The service has been OK, it sometimes goes out but I'm willing to keep trying it. The problem is that I qualified for the promotion. I have only received $100 of the promised $300 rewards card. Redemption ID [protected] When I called I was told that they never send out $300 cards. Really? Where is the other $200?

I am very disappointed in the level of difficulty I have had with AT&T lately. Something has gone very wrong. I would like to be assured that the phone cost has been removed from my bill and I want the other $200 of rewards. Thank you.

Dec 08, 2018

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