Midland Marble and Granite / I have a bill for almost $10,000 and two months later the installation is not completed

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I have a bill for almost $10, 000 and two months later the installation is not completed! They had to cut a piece on sight that did not fit like it should. It chipped and cracked. Instead of replacing it they tried to putty it. This piece became dislodged within two weeks. When the same installers came back and reset it it broke in two places and I can't even get a phone call. I also had the plumber break a main valve in the house which I now have a $250 bill from the same plumbing company who broke it. One of the cuts is not correct and raw. I am disgusted with the service.Needless to say Midland Marble and Granite will not even be considered for the final phase of remodling which is the flooring.

I can't believe they are willing to completely lose a sale which would most likely to have been four times as much as the first. And yes, they are all related including the installers. They keep telling me this is a warranty call back. Warranty for what? the installation isn't final so how can it be a warranty item?

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