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MTSU tries to recycle, putting bins all around campus and even offering the service to the community with their recycling drop off on Greenland Drive. I have been going there to drop mine off since I started MTSU in the year 2007. I never had a problem with the recycling until this past year - with the cardboard section. The last SIX times I have gone, the cardboard bins are overflowing, unable to be shut, with cardboard falling out of the sides and even dumped on the ground. I thought at first, perhaps I am just coming at the wrong time? Yet, it continued to happen. The last time I went, which was last week in between the 11th - and 18th of January, it was the worse I have seen. I was not the only one there who was quite appalled either. There was so much cardboard, it was floating in the parking lot; there was cardboard dropped off beside the bins because they were too full. One man and I exchanged a brief conversation, of which he said 'What's the point of having recycling if you don't even maintain it? It defeats the purpose.' MTSU has enough money to create parking garages, there should be enough money for more pick ups of the recycling or several more bins. If it's becoming too much trouble for them, then apparently it just needs to be rid of completely. It's an eyesore, it's creating trash and it's becoming pointless. I think the only things that may benefit from this are the stray cats who could pull a couple pieces to nest on.

Jan 25, 2015

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