Midas International Corporationtire service

I am very disappointed with the service I have received at the Midas on Sam Rittenburg in Charleston, SC. I woke up to a nail in my tire Saturday morning so I took it to the shop so they could put the spare on until the new tire arrived. It is now Tuesday, 3 whole days later and the tire just now got here. The manager never once reached out to me to let me know when the tire would be in. I had to call multiple times to find out when it would be in. It was supposed to be in Monday so I drove up there around 10:30 and he said maybe it will be in by 11:30. I go home and about my day. 2:30 rolls around I never hear from him if the truck came or not so I called. His reply was yeah I'm not sure where they are at let me call and I'll call you right back. 4 hours later I finally hear from him. Still did not come on Monday he said he would call first thing in the morning on Tuesday to see when the truck would be in. I wake up Tuesday never hear from him so I call around 10. He said truck will be in around 11. I go up to the shop around 12 (mind you I've had to ride around on my spare tire for 3 days which is not safe!!!) He said oh yeah truck came 10 min ago. So you were not going to call me to let me know?? I am so disappointed!!! At this point I don't think I should have even had to pay for labor after what I went through. I had to find rides to work for multiple days because this store is unable to get it together. A tire does not take that long to be delivered. Personally I think he never even ordered it on Saturday. I am a very loyal customer and have never had service this bad. One of my best friends manages the shop in West Columbia, SC off of Knox Abbott and we are both very disappointed with this service! Shane does a wonderful job and always makes sure I have what I need on time.

Jul 31, 2018

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