Midas Harriman, New York / Poor repair

1 Harriman, NY, United States

After an inspection, I was told that I needed a transmission flush. It was not urgent, so I had it done 2 months later. One day after the flush, my car stalled. All the transmission fluid had leaked out. I called an left a message requesting a return call. The next morning, I was told the manager had stepped out and not listened to his messages. That was the first inkling that I had chosen the wrong shop. The leak was "fixed", but one week later, I was 50 miles from home when the car started losing power. I took the vehicle to my regular mechanic, who had recently installed a mass air flow sensor, and he checked and discovered a leak in the transmission pipe. I filed a complaint with Midas and contacted the manager. He said there was nothing he could do and when I told him other mechanics had told me a transmission flush in a high-mileage vehicle was not recommended and could damage the transmission, he said "they were full of crap". Now, my transmission is slipping. I wish I had known about this website, I would never have used Midas. Unfortunately, I was taking my son-in-law, a newly appointed Corrections Officer, to work and contemplated having my two-year old granddaughter in the car, so I got my car fixed prior to, but ended up getting stuck at night on a two lane road anyway.



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