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Mid - Atlantic Waterproofing / Worst service ever

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We have lived in our home for almost 7 years now, and during all this time we have had a huge flooding problem. The prior owner had the basement waterproofed by Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing with a lifetime warranty transferrable to us. Within a few months our basement began to take on water; since then, it has been an ongoing battle: they either ignore us, or do not fix the basement right. We have been forced to gut our finished basement twice. We have thrown away numerous personal belongings. Earlier this year, after getting the runaround & no results for 7 years, we decided to call as if we were a new customer. We had two different salesmen visit: The day after the second salesman's visit, he called my husband's cell phone and said that the system was done by Mid-Atlantic, was still under warranty, and that they were going to fix it. For the next few months, we had visits from different employees, and we were getting periodic phone calls, but no work was ever done. The last contact was May 16, 2006. An employee came and jack-hammered 3 holes into my floor. A foreman was supposed to come look at the holes; 3 weeks later, we are still waiting ( the second time this has happened). Messages left have gone unanswered. Today we had a huge flood. We have no hot water, because the pilot light is flooded out. We had to turn off the central air, because it was giving off sparks. Also, our phones are not working properly, because the wiring is wet. This situation has cost us in the tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention our time. We need this basement fixed correctly. I think we have waited long enough.


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  • Ho
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    I contacted this company because of a referral from a quality HVAC company. What a mistake! When I tried to explain to them what our problem is with water in our basement, they repeatedly interrupted me and talked down to me like I don't know anything about waterproofing (I'm a licensed architect with 15 years experience!). They were unprofessional from the first minute I was on the phone with them. If that's the way the treat a prospective customer, I would hate to see how they treat someone that has a contact with them!

    If you want to avoid headaches... I bet this is not the company to hire.

  • Jt
      21st of Sep, 2011
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    Unbelievable how a company that treats their employees like ### and their customers even worse has stayed in business this long. I am appalled at how customers are talked too. I have never been spoken to like I have from you office personnel. They are very unprofessional and discourteous. Dan in the York office has got to be one of the biggest ### I have every talked to. The other office support is no better. Where do you get these people from?

    I understand it is all about the almighty dollar and probably bonus checks to the higher ups, but let me tell you if it wasnt for your service techs in the York branch you would not be in business. You truly should value these harding working men and stop ripping off little old ladies just to make your bonus.

    It is a disgraceful way of doing business !!! Karma will find those who have no compassion for those who tried to believe in a company that does not give a ### about anybody buy their own greedy hands. !!!

    Shameful shameful shameful…..How do you sleep at night?

    JT Myers

  • An
      23rd of Sep, 2011
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    ★☆☆☆☆ Don't waste your time
    by andrew2009 at Citysearch 1 Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing
    January 27, 2009

    Mid Atlantic was one of four estimates we got to repair our leaky basement and two reps were at our house for 2.5 hours. During their inspection they pointed out all kinds of issues with our footer, foundation walls and floor. They told us that the next step was foundation and footer failure. The only way to avoid structural failure was to use their system which two hours into their inspection was not yet revealed. After pushing them to tell us their sollution it turns out that they use the same basic water diversion drain and sump pump as every other company out there but literally charge three to four times as much. It nearly took a verbal argument to get through to them that we were not prepaired to make a commitment on the spot. If we didn't commit we couldn't get their discounted price. We asked for literature and a written estimate before they left so we could make an informed decision between the four contractors. They could not provide us with anything! I had to write down their offer. It was as if nobody had ever said "no" to them. I feel sorry for those people. We are going with a smaller, local contractor with a good track record. We are getting basically the same system for a quarter of the price. The Mid Atlantic inspection is stressful, pushy and long; don't bother

  • Mr
      28th of Jun, 2013
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    Mid Atlantic put my husband and I into debt! We thought we could trust them after Hurricane Irene to fix the water problem in our basement. They told us a story about how it would cost over $40.000 to fix but that they had another solution that would only cost us #13, 000 and would fix the problem. They then kept going on and on about how they only had one date available and pressured us into feeling like if we didn't do it right away we would have mold problems which could affect our family's health. We agreed especially since nobody else called us back and we felt desperate! They ripped apart our basement and took several weeks to finish the job. We had French drains put in but amazingly after hurricane Sandy not a drop of water went into those French drains. We realize later on that all we needed was to have the water re-directed to the street which a landscaper fixed for us for a much cheaper price. So upset that we don't know what to do or who to complain to about being ripped off and lied to!

  • Do
      14th of Feb, 2014
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    On February of 2014, had scheduled an appointment with them. When the estimator ( David) showed up and took measurements of entire basement, even though i told him the water seepage was in one of the rooms. ( I felt like he wanted to ripped me off) When we were about to go over the estimate, he asked where my wife was. I told him she was at work, not knowing that he won't continue the estimate until all home owners are present. I, then explained to him that I wasn't informed that both home owners needed to be home. ( doesn't make any sense anyway) I then told him that the house is under my name and it is not a problem because i will discuss information given to wife. David refused to continue and stated, " The appointment people should have told you, and that he won't be paid if the "home owners" are not present." He then asked to use my cell phone to call his company. I, hesitated and wanted to ask him to leave but instead i allowed him to use my home phone. When the gentleman left the property, i called the company and spoke to a manager who was argumentative, by telling that he just happened to hear the conversation with Victor in the appointment department and he told me that my wife needed to be home. I was pissed off, because this company has wasted my time and now is calling me a lair. I can't imagine how much problems will i have if i actually hire these people.

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