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I wish I had read the reviews of Micwell before I ordered my daughters prom dress. My daughter was very excited to get her dress from Micwell it wasn't until after the order was placed that it was explained that she would not get her dress until roughly a month later which actually put the delivery date the WEEK of her prom so if there were alterations needed we would most likely not be able to get them done in time. I ordered her dress on 3/16/12 6:46 pm and sent a cancellation email on 3/18/12 at 4:30pm. Per the confirmation email I would be eligable for a 70% refund if I cancelled the order after 24 hours. Granted the email was sent more than 24 hours but less that 48 hours after confirmation. When someone did respond to my cancellation email I was told and given only 50% of my money back instead of the 70% as stated on THEIR EMAIL! This was the first and WILL BE THE LAST time I ever order from Micwell. I warn everyone who orders from this place BUYER BEWARE!!!

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      25th of Mar, 2012
    micwell - Scamming Company
    United States

    I recently purchased a dress from MicWell this February. Paid for it, paid for tailoring, paid for expedited shipping too... It has been 43 days- and I have NOTHING to show for it.
    When you send the company an e-mail... You receive a reply from a "Nina Wong" as a response, I have gathered this is not a real person... But just a signature at the end of an emai. I corresponded via e-mail 3-4 times & was given assurance that 1. I would receive the dress by March 21st ( my event is in March 31st ) 2. Once the tailoring was complete they would send me a photograph of the dress I purchased 3. And then they slid in there that my dress would have no more than a 5% difference than what is in the pictures... I'm excuse me? How about when I send you measurements - you send me what I paid for exactly, with the exact measurements... Evidently business does not operate the same in China as it does in America
    There are no laws set in place to prevent this company from taking your money & that just being the end of it.
    The last email this company has responded to was on February 24th... Since then I have sent more than 6+ emails addressing my dissatisfaction with their business & their customer service. I have not recieved a single response from "Nina Wong", when I check my order status on their website... It says " our dress is in the tailoring process, 0 days to be shipped out" .. Well that sounds nice, like it would be on it's way ya know? NO, it has said that since March 10th. This company should be put out of business.


    So, all in all, I placed an order for a sheath column dress, paid for it to be tailored & for expedited shipping & 43 days later the only thing I have to show for it is $143.36 missing from my account (it was debited on the 12th of Feb) & all the emails I had with MicWells' customer service department "Nina Wong"
    I have no dress. This company entered into an agreement with me, through my purchase of a good they sell. If this was an American company this is what you call a breech of contract my friends. I will be posting my corresponding e-mails for those of you to see following this review.
    In closing, I have been completely ripped off by this company. They have no regard for the consumer.

    DO NOT ORDER FROM MICWELL - I am saying this from experience. If you decide to order after reading the reviews that's on you, but it will decidedly not turn out the way you intend. Order you dress from a different company ladies. This one is only going to take your money & not contact you again.
    As a matter of fact, I would LOVE if MicWell had a response to my post. At this point, I would take a response to anything... How about starting with all the unreturned emails? By the way- the contact phone # they list... You will never get through. List all your complaints. Hopefully it will help another person from getting scammed.

    Order #12021250584801
    Date order placed: February 12th 2012

    Today's date: March 25th 2012. -Ashley Richmond

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  • Ok
      27th of Apr, 2012

    Did you ever get your dress?

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  • Gi
      16th of May, 2012

    Ordered my daugher a prom dress and was told it did not pass inspection - a few days later we received this piece of crap of a dress- it had a big grease spot on the front and the collar was not even swen. they told me to take it to the cleaners and have them fix it and would credit me $10. I tried disputing this on my credit card but was told to send the dress back. No refund was given. DO NOT ORDER FROM this disgusting place.

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