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MicroXperts / They need to be closed

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These guys are horrible. I hope that whomever comes here looking for a review of these guys won't be fooled by their postings from the company. I got my PII-300 system from them early this year. They had the best price anywhere, but it didn't matter. It wasn't worth it. I ordered the computer, and it was late. Very late. When I called, the people were rude and acted like it was MY fault it was late. When the computer arrived and I installed a video card, the motherboard wouldn't detect it. I called them again and told them the situation. They then proceeded to tell me I didn't know what I was doing because the motherboard was fine and if it didn't work it was because _I_ must have damaged it. I told them that I was sending it back to them because it wasn't working with ANY video card. They made ME pay the $60 shipping charge despite the fact what they sent me was damaged. After calling over and over, they explained to me that their tech support guy dropped a screw and it shorted out the motherboard by grounding it to the case. 2 weeks later when it got to my house, the ENTIRE PII CPU was LOOSE BOUNCING AROUND IN THE CASE! I was so mad, I called them back right then and started yelling. They insisted it wasn't their fault (despite the fact it wasn't installed correctly...one of the clips wasn't closed when they shipped it) and I should file a suit with FedEx. I told them to screw themselves because I wasn't ever ordering from them again and neither was anyone I knew. I installed the CPU myself and hooked up all the LED connectors (it was supposed to be done already). It worked, but only because I was lucky it wasn't damaged in transit.

Never, EVER, EVER EVER EVER, order form this company. They need to be shut down.


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MicroXperts - Bad service
United States

There may have been a previous loose relationship with the Univ. Hts. store in the past, but that store closed many years ago. I've dealt with this specific operation in Lyndhurst for at least 6 years. Today I received my 3rd upgrade and am very pleased with their service and pricing, and would recommend them to anyone who wants wants good value.

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