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Are: You: Aware? Did You Receive it?Wednesday, December 17, 2008 3:40 AM
From: "Kathrine Hardoy (Secretary)" <Kathrine.[protected]>Add sender to Contacts To: undisclosed-recipientsWe are pleased to notify you of the Microsoft Windows Mega Jackpot (E-MAIL) Sweepstakes result. Please; confirm if you received our previous message with;

E-ticket number: [protected] 876,
Category: 1st,
Draw: 6756,
Match: 5 plus bonus
Amount: Ј5, 500, 000.00 "Equivalent"($10, 464, 000)

You may wish to establish contact with the Microsoft Windows Management Board via the e-mail address below with the information's necessary: Name:, Address:, Phone:, Cell Phone:, Email:, Alternative Email:, Occupation:, and Position:

Microsoft Windows Management Board
Tel: +[protected] Ext; 1000
Fax: +[protected]
E-Mail: micros.[protected]

NOTE: You are expected to contact the Management board for details of claims.

Mrs. Kathrine Hardoy
Microsoft Management Board, Copyright © [protected]
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  • Ba
      Dec 17, 2008

    I get email like this all the time. I read them but do not open them. If yu need to call because you are curious use a pay phone or cell phone. Calling on a landline may run your phone bill sky high. If it sounds to go to be true it is not true. I just ge so many. I wonder how or who is giving out my email address for these scams. I would like to know what to do to stop them. I would think that microsoft windows would be mad about these emails being sent in their name.

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  • Wo
      Dec 25, 2008

    I too received a letter like this via e-mail. I returned an e-mail telling them that they are a scam and if they had my real name (which they did) that they should not have a problem getting my address or telephone number, which they had claimed that was the reason that the check they sent was returned to them and that to get the check I needed to send them an amount of around $567. Then they responded with this letter:

    Compliment of the Season, We truly understand how you feel, most especially due to the increase in the rate of internet fraud, yes, it call for scepticisms, but we want to give you the assurance that everything is alright. You will not be required to pay anymore charges this will assure you. We understand you did not purchase any ticket from the start but truly we are doing this as a new invention and we do not want to record default. We want to promote the strong use of the E-mail.

    Yes, we are suppose to take care of this charge, but to be sincere with you, the mistake came from us, and all we calculated was the Ј25, million pounds, Ј5.5, million pounds each for each winner. We are new to this so we were not aware of what to go through. We understand Ignorance is not an excuse, but, take my words. This award is real, I feel bad when I see it going other wise. It is none of my duties to be telling you this, but yesterday Night; I had a dream and that dream keep telling me to plead with you to understand.

    I am a Christian, 41 years old with 3 kids, I have worked with Microsoft for 21 year and 8 days today, trust me I will not deceive and my dreams do not lie. I do not want you to regret this. I know if you claim these award we all will all be happy, and my family and I could come visit you. I know we have not met before neither have we had any business in the past; I want you to give me the benefit of doubt and claim this award. I do not pray that you have any problem, but if you have any I will personally pay what you paid.

    I know this question will come from you, "why not pay for me" The fact is this, as Microsoft employees we are not allowed to do so trust me. I pray I do not get sacked for what I am doing now, but I have to fulfil what I saw in my dreams. So many people will tell you it is a fraud, trust me there are so many fraud out there, Microsoft Promo Imposters claiming to be working with Microsoft, this are all lies. But this is the only promo we have ever had and this is the first one. I want you to give me a benefit of doubt and have a re-think. If you do not claim these award before 10th January the funds would be authorized and be shared among all the charity homes here, and this promo will never come up again.

    Three out of the five selected winners already has their prizes, though they are from a Middle class home so they could afford the charges. You might call Microsoft USA and they will tell you they have nothing to do with any promo, yes, because, it was what we agreed on. This Promo is all about promoting "E-MAILS" and not to promote mobile phones. I know you want something more than words; maybe documents or something like a letter of guarantee, I can not do more than I have done. I do not want to get into trouble. The truth remains that I will enjoy my Xmas very well now and my heart will be free because I have told you. I do not have much to tell you now, but if I have I will contact you.

    If you are not free to send the funds to our account officer you can as well send it to my name, make sure you fax all payment receipt to our office and also send the information's. FedEx would be better if I must choose for you stick to it. Once again I give you my words, please, take my words and do not loose this opportunity, if you do not want it then claim it and give it to the poor, God will bless you more trust me. I will be more than happy to see that you have claimed your award. Another problem about this promo is that it is not an open promotion; it will come up on TV and other news paper once all claims are completed. I am not supposed to tell you all this but if it will make you happy and make you have a re-think. These are the company’s secretes I am not to disclose. Sorry my grammar might not be too good, I am Spanish by birth but British national. Thanks for your understanding I wish you the best this season. Please, tell member of your family to drive slowing and He
    or she should not drink an

    If you need to chat with me then add me up on your yahoo chat (kathrine.hardoy) I hope to chat with you soon. Do have a re-think. To succeed in life there are some decisions you take they might look risky but sometimes they come out good trust me, this is no financial risk.

    Senior Secretary,

    Mrs. Kathrine Hardoy
    27/32 Poultry road,
    City: London, Zip: EC2P 2BY England.
    E-mail: msw.[protected]
    Microsoft, United Kingdom.
    © 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved

    this has got to be a scam!!!please dont fall for this and send them money. I am going to e-mail them again and tell them what low-life people they are and that they should get a real job.

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  • Da
      Feb 03, 2009

    I had same e mail and same doubts, has to be a scam, they slipped up on one thing though, there is no such address in london england and england does not have zip codes but post codes I'm from London and I know london well

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  • Un
      Oct 05, 2009

    Yes I wish I knew about this web site before I payed out a portion of the funds requested.
    That was my gambling money for this year. So I won't be playing Lottery's or the race track or Casino.
    Out of luck

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  • Th
      Oct 10, 2009

    I had same email but now they are using the name Ms, Matha Branz in Microsoft. Microsoft should do something about this..

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