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Microsoft Online Lottery / late for receiving prize

1 london, England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 447031836684

i am winning microsoft online lottery ref. number - FL/[protected], Batch : 409978E for 1000000.00 uk ponds. microsoft corporation had sent this prize to barclays bank plc, london for collection but i have no money for paying c.o.t. ( cost of transfer) bank charges so i had sent disclaim form to barclays bank concern account officer mr. Tony Trender with a letter for comming india and give me the prize at my home. after its i had sent a lot of mail to microsoft corporation and barclays bank about comming at my home but no response by them. Kindly inform me about this prize. the microsoft corporation concern person mr. Barr Maxwell Moore.

following text are given about his mail :

microsoft corporation :

barclays bank :

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  • Ma
      16th of Jan, 2009
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    Microsoft Online Lottery - Beware!
    Microsoft Online Lottery
    United States

    Please, don't trust this scam!

    Dihantar:, 16 Januari, 2009 5:22:14

    Microsoft Online Lottery Headquarters:
    Customer Service
    Wrights Lane,
    Kensington London W85SP,
    FILE REF: ML/FUK/0544/7224
    BATCH : 01/850/8MHP /DTI/FSP/EU/554

    Dear Email Bearer,

    It is obvious that this notification will come to you as a surprise but please find time to read it carefully as we congratulate you over your success in the Ongoing E-mail electronic online Sweepstakes organized by Microsoft, in conjunction with the foundation for the promotion of software products, held This December in London UK.
    We are happy to inform you that your email ID has emerged a winner in the Second Category of our promotional programme for a consortium of software manufacturing companies i.e. The Intel Group, Toshiba, Hp and Dell Computers, other International Companies and Microsoft Corporation to encourage the use of the internet and promote computer literacy worldwide.

    The 50 winning email addresses were selected from a total of 5, 000, 000 e-mail addresses by our computerized system, drawn from company and individual e-mail addresses worldwide, no tickets were sold and so you were automatically picked.

    You have therefore been awarded a lump sum pay out of 550, 000.00GBP ( Five Hundred And Fifty Thousand GBP Only ), which is the winning payout for each Category B winner.

    We write to officially notify you of this award and to advise you to contact the processing office immediately upon receipt of this message for more information concerning the verification, processing and eventual payment of the above prize to you. It is important to note that your award information was released with the following particulars attached to it:

    Your e-mail address winning details:
    Reference : ML/FUK/0544/4111
    Batch Number: 01/850/8MHP /DTI/FSP/UK/554

    E-mail addresses registered with false names are not eligible to claiming this prize.
    Payment Authority of your claim and the immediate remittance of your winning funds will be effected immediately after due verification of your identity.

    For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claims are processed and your money remitted to you in whatever manner you deem fit to claim your prize. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements. Please be warned.

    For verifications, contact your category claim office with the following details to avoid unnecessary delay and complications:

    Verification And Funds Release Form:
    (1) Your Full Names:
    (2) Your contact address:
    (3) Your Telephone numbers:
    (4) Your Nationality/Country:
    (5) Occupation/Sex/Age:
    (6) Your Preferred Method Of Receiving Your Prize(From Below)
    Mode Of Prize Remittance.
    (1)Cash Pick-Up (You coming Down to United Kingdom Personally to Pick YourPrize).
    (2)Courier Delivery Of your Certified Winning Cheque Name and other WinningDocuments safely to you .

    Contact Person:

    Congratulations from the Staffs & Members of the Interactive Lottery Board Commission.
    Sincerely yours,
    Mrs Elizabeth Brown
    Microsoft Online Promotions Coordinator
    Uk and The Netherlands Staatsloterij:
    Dayzers Nederland:
    Paleisstraat 5, 2514 JA - Den Haag;
    The Netherlands:

    DISCLAIMER: This email was sent from a notification only email address. This email message and any accompanying data may contain confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient, you are notified that any use, dissemination, distribution or copying of this message or data is prohibited.

  • Ni
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    i am winning microsoft online lottery award for 1000000.00 ponds. award winning team sent this prize to barclays bank plc london but i have no money for paying c.o.t. ( cost of transfer) bank charges. i had sent disclaim form to barclays bank with letter for comming india and give me the prize at my home. last one month i have no response about this money.

  • Ni
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    complain board should be call to Barclays Bank plc, London
    phone number is following :


  • Ni
      23rd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    complaints board should be call to Barclays Bank plc, London and mr. Barr Maxwell Moore ( Microsoft Corporation)

    following are the phone number for Mr. Tony Trender ( sr. account officer of Barclays Bank plc, London) :


  • Ni
      24th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes


    complaints board call to the company and get all information.

  • Pi
      29th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    There is no such lottery - it is a 419 scam. Visit to learn more about 419 scams. Do NOT phone those numbers, they are all international redirect numbers, it has NOTHING to do with Microsoft and the "Barrister" will be a (probably) Nigerian scam artist.

    Hint - Barclay Bank do NOT use free webmail addresses, do not bother complaining to them. Seriously, read

  • Pu
      31st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi Nitin,

    I agree with Pingu! This is 100% proven Scam!

    There is nothing called Microsoft Online Lottery, Do not waste your time on investigating the email that you received. I'd advice you to delete that email.



  • Al
      1st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Interesting... how a company like "Barclays Bank" and "MicroSoft" would use a "" E-Mail account. What's wrong with their website email?
    RED FLAG!!!
    Quite obviously a SCAM...
    And the ENGRISH they use is also a dead giveaway...
    No competent company would hire peeps can't speak decent English to work for them in terms of high-profile jobs such as the ones mentioned here.

  • Jo
      1st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    This has to be one of the oldest, lamest and most-known scams in the book. No one wins a lottery on the Web, certainly not by e-mail.

  • Gl
      2nd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    And they say that Americans are stupid!

  • Gl
      2nd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    If you had AT LEAST read the Google ads below your first complaint, you would have stop replying to your own complaint with more bullcrap, LMAO.

  • Ni
      30th of Aug, 2009
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    Microsoft did mail to me after completed all verifications. the prize money is insurance and protected to me. i sent my bank account number and address. the money will transfer in my bank account from Barclays Bank plc, London.
    so any delay please contact to Barclays Bank (Mr. Tony Trender) and Mr. Barr Maxwell Moore (Microsoft Corporation).

    nitin kumar shrivastava

  • Ni
      31st of Aug, 2009
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    sender : nitin kumar shrivastava

    subject : late for receiving prize

    i have given all requirement about my Bank. it has been late for transferring the winning amount. please take right action. following text are given about his mail :

    Harlesden London NW10, United Kingdom.

    Batch Number...409978E
    Reff Number...FL/668530092

    Dear Lucky Winner,


    Accept our sincerely apology, for the slight delay in responding to your mail, it was an outcome of the processing of your winning documents .We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being part of the winners selected on the MICROSOFT PROMO.The Microsoft Windows Live felicitate with you and your family.This promotion was set-up to encourage the active users of the Internet Microsoft Windows.

    Your One Million Great British Pounds. Winning Certificate, a covering document of money laundering protection and Letter of Affidavit for Claims from the British Government stating that the money was obtained legally through the MICROSOFT PROMO has been forwarded to the Paying Bank BARCLAY'S BANK UK for the transfer of your funds into your account.

    Hence we do believe with your winning prize, you will continue to be active and patronage to the Msn & Microsoft Windows.I wish to formally announce to you that you have successfully pass the requirements, statutory obligations, verifications, validations and satisfactory report Test conducted for all on line winners. Your prize has been drafted in Cheque and forwarded to our Bank for the Immediate transfer of your prize to your account.You are hereby advised to make direct contact with the above (BARCLAYS BANK UK), for electronically transfer of your winning funds.The bank contact are issued below:

    Kindly note that your winning amount is in a suspense account with the stipulated bank and immediate contact is needed from your side to the bank for transfer of your lottery amount as soon as possible.

    Your Prize cheque has been sent to the Bank and you have to make immediate contact with them providing them with the correct account number and name of your stipulated account details via the information below as they will facilitate the fast transfer of your prize won to your account without any further delay with a full details of your bank account in your country for immediate transfer of your lottery amount won.

    1) Your Full Name(s):
    2) Your Bank Name :
    3) Name on Account :
    4) Account Number :
    5) Bank Address :
    6: Your Complete Address:
    7: Your Cell Number:
    8: Your Office Number:
    9: Your Home Number:
    10: Your Won Amount:
    11:Country And Nationality


    However you are advised to contact the paying bank for the transfer of your Winning Prize from MICROSOFT PROMO. See below the contact information of the Account Officer for International Transfer. When contacting the bank ensure you furnish them with the details above.

    Direct On-line Wire Transfer.
    Name of Account Officer: Mr.Tony Trender
    Name of Bank: Barclays Bank UK
    Office Tell: +44 703 183 6684

    Finally we advise you to keep us updated as soon as the paying bank has transferred the funds into your account in order for us (The Lottery) company to list your name on the winning list. However, all you need to do is to activate the account as the cheque sent to them is secured and bonded thus covered with an insurance policy. Do keep us updated in regards to your progress with the bank.

    Note:Yahoo/Msn International Lottery has discovered a huge number of double claiming due to recipients informing close friends relatives and third parties about their cash prize and also sharing their winning notification. As a result of this, these friends try to claim the winning prize on behalf of the real recipient.

    Sincerely yours,
    Mr. Maxwell Moore
    (Claims Process Officer)

  • Ni
      6th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    dear prize distributors &
    Barclays Bank plc, London.

    sir, I have sent my Bank Account details (Oriental Bank of Commerce).
    If any further delay to transfer then You would come at my home and give me the prize. Kindly inform me about this mail at my mobile phone.

    Nitin Kumar Shrivastava

  • Ni
      15th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    sender : nitin kumar shrivastava

    Batch Number...409978E
    Reff Number...FL/668530092

    I contact to Barclays Bank plc, London has Mr. Tony Trender the Sr. Account officer. He said for bank c.o.t. charges. But once I have sent Disclaim Form to Barclays Bank because I can not pay the bank charges in this matter I have sent a hand note about coming India and give me the prize at my home. But they are installed my claim in process. How much take time in that procedure!!

    Mr. Tony Trender phone number is 447031836684
    For email to Mr. Tony Trender :

  • Gl
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    OMG, I can't believe how stupid some people can be!

  • Ns
      30th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    It is quite surprising how Organizations like MICROSOFT/YAHOO/BMW/and some other famous Institutions have been quoted in the multi-million Awards/Lotteries/etc. in the e-mails which have been sent to various innocent persons for squeesing of their money in the name of Bank Transfer/Courier expenses etc. despite the fact that the e-mail owners are not aware about anything of such fraud or scam. Lured by huge amount offered by these scammers, the poor or otherwise innocent people are tempted to proceed further with the activities crambling into pauper state of affairs. In my case also, there were and are several such mails pop up. Initially, I too, attempted to respond to two such scams which ultimately turned to be futile. Even these scammers are also using the Logos of the Big and reputed Organisations for this purpose. In some cases, it will be in the form of a WILL of a deceased person who wanted to disburse a huge amount amongst some poor people and for this purpose, the scammers produce even the scanned copy of the documents which would seem like originals. Poor people are cheated and thrown out of gear. Is there nobody to look into these kinds of activities. If a person has won a Lottery or Award, if it is genuine, why can's these scammers send the money after deducting the required amount from the price winning amount, more particularly, when they say that the draft/cheque has already been given to a particular Bank, being the conductors such huge scame!? It is high time that such frauds/scams should be put an end to by seriously looking into the matter. These kinds of scams are also happening in employment also. The employees are informed via e-mail and in response thereto, huge amounts are being taken from such innocent people. A friend of mine has lost almost all of his savings and now he is in total bankruptcy with no help pouring from any part. In my opinion, at any cost, these activities are to be curbed immediately and the culprits should be booked and appropriate action should be taken by the concerned. It appears that the Organisations/Companies/Banks etc. are also not bothered about such activities. Any how, this is a great cheating of innocent people whiich should find its eternal end!
    N S Sreeraman

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