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On the 24th of May I was informed that my I no longer had access to my Hotmail account as I had violated the Terms of Use - please...I wouldn't evenknow how! I was instructed to click on an online link and complete the form and the matter will be investigated. Small problem - there is no such link! When you then go directly to the Windows Live help page you are instructed to send an error message to [protected] and the abuse team will deal with the matter. 24 hours later you receive a very nice automated reply and that's it... Nothing happens. When I enquired again I was told a)there is a backlog, I should wait and b)I should send another error message to the abuse team. This has now been going on for 6 weeks. I have no access to my e-mail. IT seems to also be a problem for a lot of other hotmail users as some have been waiting for 6 months. I mean really - we use these e-mail accounts for work. Some people have already lost a lot of money, clients etc. And still Microsoft is not providing any service. Does a company the size of Microsoft honestly not have the manpower to sort out matters that are this serious. Perhaps they should stop adding fnacy little nice thingies to the msn homepage and concentrate on providing us with some basic service.

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  • Ci
      Oct 24, 2010

    My wife’s hotmail account was hijacked several days ago. If you expect Microsoft to help get your hijacked hotmail account back via their Recovery Center, you are wasting your time. My advice is to dump your hotmail account. I gave M$ everything piece of information I have that might help recover the account to no avail. I even offered to use my credit card to purchase the paid version of hotmail for MY hotmail account to prove who I am. I told them that I am an MSDN subscriber and even sent them an email from my work email address, and much more, but M$ would not help me. I bet if I was Bill Gates, I would get the account back. In summary, M$ service sucks.

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  • Tc
      Jan 25, 2011

    I just a a call from a friend and a former colleague at the US Department of Justice informing me that someone had used my hot mail address to send out spam mails to my friends. My friends would be happy to provide you with detail information if you wish. Please advise as to how to take care of this problem. Thank you.

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  • Fr
      Feb 13, 2011

    Why do I get emails that arnt even addressed to me, this is a real odd, and kind of disturbing, if I'm getting emails that are not mine then I can think that maybe my emails may not be getting to me.
    The emails don't even have my name, they have totally a different name(To [protected] thats not me, maybe someone has found a way to screw with the email system.

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  • Jo
      Sep 06, 2011

    Almost the exact same thing has happened to me - It has now been one and a half years and they are still debiting my account for use of their "service" it's appauling. They make you fill out forms then forget all about you but ensure they get paid for the priviledge!

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  • Lm
      Sep 27, 2012

    I have had my hot mail account for many years and enjoyed it til now.Now when I sign into it is trying to force me into changing my password. If I wanted to change my password I would but its not giving me the option its just telling to. Now day's I'm just getting tired of being told what to do. After all as an adult should I not be able to make that decision for myself !! I very frustrated with this situation.

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  • Dh
      Dec 27, 2015

    I came here in USA for little period about six month. I could not open my Hotmail account. Several times answered the the question and given answer..Only embarrassing to get it again. .Better to close it for ever.
    My account id [protected]
    I came here on 21st of this month and tried every several time to open. Never receiver seven digit code on my yahoo mail address.
    I do not want Microsoft hotmail account.
    Please close

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  • Jo
      Aug 15, 2016

    Since 2010 when hotmail locked me out of my main email account they have charged 14.99 pounds EVERY YEAR. It is despicable they lock people out of their own email accounts but scandalous that they then continue to charge 90pounds for this "service".

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