Microsoft Corporation / office home mac 2016

Madera, CA, United States

I purchased the office home Mac 2016, today. I would like to know if Microsoft has a U.S. telephone representative/agent. I had to call back multiple times without help, mainly because I am unable to share my computer with telephone help outside the U.S. and I could not understand what 90% of them were saying. This program is not working properly. A spiral wheel spins and, while in MS word, it locks the system--I have to turn off the computer. I use MS word for work and cannot function this way. I am very dissatisfied. I am unable to go into a MS store because there is not one in my location, the closest one is three hours away. I need to get a phone number for a U.S. telephone rep/agent to resolve this problem.

May 12, 2017

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