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Micromania - Cyprus / Unethical business style by Micromania in Cyprus

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Ive been a customer there for about 3 years. Every gaming console and game i own, have been purchased from Micromania in Cyprus, but that is deeply regretted.

Ive always known about it being quite pricey in relevance to its competitors but because its close to where i live and it has somewhat of an established name for its selection in games, ive remained loyal and continued to purchase from them.

The fact that other commercial stores have a wider selection in games and are a bit cheaper, i could handle, but when i purchased my new PS3 from them not even a month ago i was furious.

The box had been previously opened and the base for the ps3 was missing. Not that its needed to use the console, but there is a great deal of prestige with that base and if it was meant to be sold separately, sony wouldn't include it in the package, and then write on it that it is included. What a cheapskate!!! Sony - take care of this!

Also the warantee sticker on it was slightly ripped and God forbid if anything happens to the PS3 and i take it back and it isnt accepted all hell will break loose, i promise that. Until then, please be careful buying from these guys and just observe the ### they pull to rack in pocket change.

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  • Ja
      28th of Feb, 2008

    What a load of rubbish. They have the best range of games, prices are always good and they are the only ones who know anything about gaming and love to share with you. The complainer must have got up the wrong side of the bed that morning or has a gripe with Sony. In any case no other store comes near if you are a gamer.

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  • An
      28th of Feb, 2008

    I agree with Jason. What a looser this guy is. If he really thinks he can get better choices / prices from other "commercial stores" he should just go there for his games. I have been a gamer in Cyprus from right back in the Spectrum days and Micromania is, and continues to be the ONLY option for serious gamers. Oh and FYI the PS3 does not come with a base. Get your facts straight! The staff in Micromania are really cool guys that know their stuff and their website is amazing. I heard that they will start online sales in the near future. Can't wait :-)

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  • Th
      28th of Feb, 2008

    Crap... this guy is a liar and there should be laws against people posting malicious lies anonymously. I have had experience with Micromania in Nicosia and Limassol and I know that they are the greatest when it comes to prices, catalogue and support. It is a shame that their hard work can be undermined with lies by someone who obviously has an agenda - why else would he lie? For example, everybody knows that the PS3 doesn't sell with a base... except our anonymous liar. Check out for yourself if you don't believe their prices are the best.

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  • Pa
      29th of Feb, 2008

    SORRY, I am so SORRY. My post should have read COMPLAINTS ON MEGALAND, sorry, sorry, sorry. It is next to MEGALAND that I live sorry it is not MM, we got it mixed up. It is MEGALAND that I wanted to name and shame and it is there that I bought my PS3 and it is there that I get ripped off and it is there that sells me software American imports that dont work on my European machine. ###..... ### sorry sorry. I have just realized that my friends PS3 is an American import too that he bought at MEGALAND. Please please go check MEGALANDS prices (attitude) stock and service. I cant imagin anybody complaining about MICROMANIA unless ...... ....... ......Anyway I am sorry for the above post of 8 february, I agree with those that have come to MMs support. I must find a way to undo the post. Can anybody help me out. I have appologised to the people at MICRO and I was so ashamed when they just shruged it off. I hope this will help to remedy any harm I may have done to their well deserved great reputation and I wish to do something I cant think what to bring to the readers attention that it was the team behind MICROMANIA and their supreme single handed efforts that put the Cyprus Games consumer on the map with the first world. They did this with intent, passion and professionalism from day one of the SPECTRUM BBC till now there is till now no organization or individual that can claim to be a close second. MICROMANIA DEALS WITH ALL FROM HEART TO HEART. ONLY AN EVIL PERSON WOULD WISH TO DO HARM TO THEM. THANK YOU MICROMANIA and SORRY AGAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. LOVE, PANCYPROS.

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  • Ma
      1st of Mar, 2008

    Hello everyone i am very sad to see this post i am a mother of two and buying games for them can be very expensive at the best of times and have shopped around at all the local nicosia shops and micromania has always been the cheapest and there coupons thing is great always getting money off the next purchase.
    I can never imagine anyone being unhappy with micromania.

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  • Ko
      12th of Mar, 2008

    Yeah, I noticed it myself that Megaland is not honest with the consumers, selling imports or even stuff that were on the display and packed up again. Of course micromania does that as well but at least they tell you that the box was open before. Anyway, i post this, because I heard a new website coming on-line soon with really low prices and even lower for it's members. And not only that, it delivers to your door if you request it. I registered and wait to see it on-line soon. i got an email and they say it will be up at the end of March 2008 and will sell exclusive items to its members. They already sent me an e-mail, that they will have beach towels with my favorite hero!! Mario!!! and not only... an all are genuine, 100% cotton and official licensed (as they say) at as low as €29 !!. The guys looks like they know what they sell and the prices are reasonable. I don't know if i can post the url or if it will be like an ad... but anyway.. here it is .. but still down and under development.

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  • Ma
      9th of May, 2008

    I have also been pretty disappointed with Micromania. They are helpful people but this doesn't make them cheap at all. I do mind about the price and i have found a cheaper solution, in one of their rivals - they are cypriot gamers i think. I am pretty pleased with those guys so i am not returning to Micromania again. I mean 69 Euro for a game is ridiculous - i feel ripped of. These people have games for like 45 Euro which is the same price i used to get them in USA when i was studying two months ago. So i dont have any other complaints from Micromania since i have stopped shopping from them. I think this new web is a good alternative - until proven otherwise :)

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  • Ni
      27th of Jul, 2009

    i also go way back with micromania and i completely agree with you.. i havent visited that shop in over 7 years now and this is why.. i bought my ps2 from micromania as soon as it arrived and i was so excited.. 4 months of wild gaming was all it took to pay them a visit again due a malfunction on my ps2. colors wouldnt appear correctly and i trust i have tried everything to fix it.. micromania said they would replace my ps2 with a new one since it had a valid warranty.. when i got back to pick my allegedly new ps2 i knew it wasnt a brand new machine.. i could tell that it was open and splitted apart.. however it did work my some time until it crashed again with the exact same problem..when i took it back again they asked for a 50 CYP fee to fix it.. i said no and thats the end of story.. from that point and on the reputation of micromania as far as am concerned is a perfectly rounded 0.

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  • Sh
      13th of Jan, 2013
    Micromania - Bike service
    Stasinou 15C

    I bought a bike one year ago from them giving me the false idea of two years guarantee on material defects and 5 years on the frame of the bicycle. In less than a year, as I was cycling and I shifted to lower gear my Rear Derailleur was damaged, and chain went awry!
    I thought that the company would have fixed it for free but they told me that "You should have read the manual for shifting gear", impying that it was my fault and that I don't know how to shift between gears.
    Anyway I had to pay 42 euros, as he changed both chain and Rear Derailleur.
    Think it twice if you want to buy anything from Micromania store and have guarantee for it.

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