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Micro Medics Inc / Warranty Service

1 999 Forest Edge DrVernon Hills 60061, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 888-553-1118

I sent my laptop computer to them to repair. They sent it back to me with a damaged busted corner saying I must have sent it to them with the corner damaged. The corner was not damaged when I sent it. I shipped it in the box with the foam packing forms they had sent me. The only thing I can assume is that someone in their shop dropped it on its corner but is trying to say it arrived their already busted. Bottom line they are therefore refusing to fix the problem it was originally sent in for. And sent it bck to me with a busted corner.
I bought my service contract at Circuit City when I purchased the computer. I am certainly angry.

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  • Lo
      31st of Mar, 2009
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    Only a busted corner? Thats nothing for Micro Medics. They have been known to crack screens on laptops while playing catch in their NON climate controlled warehouse(read gets well over 100 degrees in the summer). They have also been known to hook multiple AC adapters up to each other and burn out boards and then call them power surges so they don't have to buy a replacement motherboard for laptops sent to them. They also fake liquid spills by mixing white out correction fluid with the circuit board cleaner. Not to mention other ways of faking damage like taking a light to motherboards, spilling liquids on computers. Also something that was never brought up, until the city they are in outlawed it, most of the technicians smoked indoors right over computers so who knows how much ash and smoke got into computers causing issues with optical drives and other components.

    They are also a not a very good company to work for. They have been known on multiple occasions to either drive their best employees away(who went on to start their own companies), fire their best employees while keeping the mediocre ones. You are truly lucky to get your computer back in the condition you did knowing the shady stuff they have pulled over the years. Personally speaking I believe its only a matter of time until MicroMedics dies. Their owner Matt has embarked on some pretty crazy ideas like opening up satellite service centers with only a couple techs, like that will really make a difference. What I do know is they had multiple experienced people willing to go run those remote service centers but after they were basically going to screw those employees in the process of doing so, those employees decided to turn down the offer and most of them got fired BECAUSE they didn't go out. MicroMedics is an unethical company which is run probably worse than the state which its located in. Full of nepotism, the VP of the company is the owners cousin and the "CIO" is the brother of the VP.

    The CIO of the company is also worthless. When he was hired, I will say the server room of the company wasn't in the best of shape but at least the rest of the network did work somewhat well, desipte a patchwork of systems. However he decided that he wanted to go with a wireless network for all the desktop computers. Remember when I said that this is basically a warehouse, which made it easy to run wires, no ceiling tiles no impossible pathways to feed wires through or anything, just a vast open space. But anyways he decided to take the hacked together but working wired network and convert all the desktops to wireless. What happened after that is the wireless network had poor reliability and for some reason the techs had to connect to the servers that they use for their work order tracking over the internet, because the CIO in his infinite wisdom decided to have 2 internet connections, one for the servers and the office personnel, and one for the techs. Unfortunately there was a bottleneck which made connecting to the server almost impossible at times due to slowness of one of the network connections.

    In summary MicroMedics could be a great company, but its run by people with no real business sense, and who's owner is more concerned about signing a "pro" golfer to try to get a PGA tour card instead of doing his job, and doing stuff like employee reviews, or even seeing how his own business operates. And with the rest of his "management" or should i say manglement team its no wonder things are bad over there. No one knows what they are doing, the techs want to do good work but because of the incompetence in the management of the company things just keep getting worse and worse. I am sorry you had to suffer through your whole ordeal with MicroMedics, and honestly I know of employees there who won't even send their own computers there to get serviced on, thats how bad it is. Hopefully GE/Assurant will still honor your warranty now that Circuit City is gone but if they do you will probably have to suffer through another experience with MicroMedics.

  • Tm
      6th of Oct, 2010
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    I have a big problem with micromedics. This company has refuseed to repair my labtop. It has warranty though. They took my labtop for two months and finally they said they would not repair it. It is indeed the worst company that I have worked with. I will not deal with such a company again.

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