michells bulldogs / disreputible breeder

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we bought a puppy from Michelle and it has been a nightmare ever since. this bulldog pup was sick at 7 weeks came home on medication and that was only the beginning this puppy had 4 surgeries before he was 6 months old. Michelle refused to honor and reimburse us for he tumor removed on his paw..It was even a nightmare getting our pups limited registration papers from her..we filed numerous complaints and consulted atty about lawsuit but too expensive.Harley is now just over 2 years old has always walked funny but confirmed x rays show congenital hip and knee dysplasia and is in pain and crippled..Michelle once a puppy is paid for and you walk out the door in spite of what she says how she wants to keep in touch and she loves all her pups its all ### buyer beware. Save yourself a lot of tears and heartache by not buying her special mini bulldogs maybe that's the problem over breeding and not keeping in line with bulldog standards, we are now bulldog club of America members of San Diego and believe me she is known as a very disreputable and dishonest bulldog backyard breeder where this is her only source of income and would do anything for a sale.. a con artist and swindler at best. Step up and do the right thing show some compassion keep your word and stop breeding your dogs they are producing defective offspring.. I will never let this go until your stopped.

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