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Michelin Tires / Bad service & false advertisement!

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Long story short:

False advertisement...

- bought 4 Michelin Tires with the promotion of $100 rebate
- Didn't get $100 back only $50 and received a letter explaining all the reasons on the planet why I don't get the rest
- Spelled my name wrong on the cheque (when I mailed in the rebate, there were 2 documents attached with the right spelling) or is it another thing they do to prevent/delay payment?!
- Called Michelin, they passed me to another department, called that department, they asked me to call Canadian Tire...called Canadian Tire, the lady said "there's nothing we can do about it, call Michelin" - so typical, why can't they find a more creative way to pass the ball around?! by the way, she sounded like it's me that owned her money and she's doing me a favor by listening!
- While on the phone with Canadian Tire, I wanted to complain about the horrible experience in hope that the headquarter can do something about it, they said "there's nothing we can do, I'll pass the info to the store owner." ... " but I did speak to the store owner and she didn't care, wouldn't the headquarter get this info?"... "the process is that we pass on the complain to the store owner, each store is individually owned".."ok, i just feel like I've wasted my breath explaining this because no one cares"..." I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do."

Bad service at Canadian Tire (CENTER POINT LOCATION)...

- when buying the tires and rim, they FORCED me to do the installation otherwise, they won't sell it. fine, i had to put those on anyway, so that's ok, i did it.
- received a call to inform me the tires are ready
- went to pick it up. First stop is the customer service where everyone goes to and where I put a deposit. SURPRISED!! NO ONE knows what's going on.
- i was passed on from customer service to the parts department, then back to the customer service
- after 10 mins when they managed to figured it out and asked me to go to the garage (just behind the customer service...u can see what they mechanist's are doing through a glass window and a door) to pick the tires up
- i double confirmed, "so the tires are ready and they know i'm coming over to pick them up right?"...they said "yes!"
- i drove my car (which i parked near the garage) into the garage and talked to someone and hoping that the tires are they so I just have to load them up and get the hell out. SURPRISED! NO ONE KNOWS WHAT'S GOING ON! After a while, they managed to figured it out and asked me to drive my car to the other side (another garage door next to it, when they can just pass the tires and bring it to me). I told the guy, "so they will know that I'm coming over to pick the tires up right?! can you just open the garage door for me now?!" they said "ok."
- I drove over, SURPRISE! door unopened, fine, i went back in to ask them open it. Door now open, I went in and pick up the tires...SURPRISE! no one knows what the heck is going on. I explained the whole situation...after a while they figured out where the tires are.
- I wanted to speak to the manager, the manager wasn't there! BUT the owner was there.
- The first thing she said to the guy who brought me to see her was, " is ___ (manager) here?"..that was her greeting to me.
- then i told her "i wanted to let you know that I'm very unhappy with this whole situation"
- just imagine... the STOREOWNER DOESN'T CARE...great business model!
- total time to pick up tires: 40mins!
- what's even better is that i found out afterwards, one of my friends had the same problem and even more dramas with that store!


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  • Ri
      20th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Ford Motor Company is readying a new ad campaign to pump up its languishing North American business under the theme "Ford. Drive One" and maybe stop its stock’s nose dive before the legendary company’s collapses. After leasing seven FORD-LINCOLN products over the past 22 years a recent experience with the local PERRY LINCOLN-MERCURY-FORD dealer over a exploded original equipment Michelin tire at 13, 000 miles has convinced me, like so many others, to end my brand-dealer loyalty. No amount of slick ads can erase rudeness and stinking customer relations. I’ll let you know what the judge says.

  • Th
      11th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Lol I 100% agree that is terrible behavior for an associate dealer. Any why Michelin would not give you the money. Honestly it is 100% Michelin that gives the refunds so CT has nothing to do with this and you probably confused them dragging them into it.

  • Co
      26th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    Why can't temps work for the mixers because some people have families they need to attend to, AKA Their children! So if you could change that in North Carolina it would be greatly appreciated!

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