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This is going to be a quickie Note:
Yes, I Got the Deal on Dragons Den and Then The hell Started !!
After The Den...They told me to make appointments and They Did not show Up(?)
They told me to spend money to go to vendor meetings and I spent thousands and told me to do whatever it takes to get into this Major Chain and They will Fund Me 250, 000 and Open Credit line( i have an awesome invention:)and I Did What they told me and As I await verdict for this major store Chain )and after i spent all my savings leave me a text message that they will mot fund me after only 1Month after I spent my all my money and Time and they Just Quit !and with a text:(
and know if This Big store Chain Accepts me I have to refuse ( usually they give a "NO" within 2 Weeks and "Yes" if dont hear from them after 60 Days its usually a "Yes"
and now its 2 Months Passed and Store loved All my Products! but I needed Updates( that Dragon Promised I have before I went but I had already paid and they were probably just so busy they forgot So I went anyways (and they Loved Them:)
I did tecieve Money from Mickeal Wekerlie To get insurance to comply W/ACE requirements And then he would totally fund But then backed out Early, Costing me Store Chain and Time Money for by Business.
i was Sheduled for Season 9 Canada But Was Not Aired yet.
I just want people to know Even if you get a deal BEWARE !!
If I was not trained To be Strong- this would Of Ruined not Just my business but Myself Personally and It did Affected me and My Daughters( im single mom soon off welfare ( No Thanks To Micheal and his Bank- I am very Upset(?) Help(?)Im trying to help my Business Start back were I was instead of listening to them and keeping my dreams (there is more but Ill share later but Please inform People of this and never trust someone When they call you Personally and say" don't worry I am going to help you"
Kathie ( Dragons Den Season #9)
[protected] a lil scared to complain but I have to help my fellow Man!!!)
Ps. I hope you Understood my Typing on my Phone is Difficult:)
And Thanks For Listening if Anyone Did!!

Micheal Wekerlie

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    Tv look alikes, Actors, Costumes, Dancers, Staging, Plays, Performing arts, relocation we had a problem with tv look alike but was solved and no further action or cause was needed he continues to work wiet us, as a dragins den look alike

Dec 31, 2014
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  •   Mar 26, 2015

    Please I was the one who made a complaint about Micheal Wekerlie and it looks like I have a Complaint on my SeedMates LLC Is there anyway I can Update this Post Above [protected] or email me at [protected]

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  •   Jan 09, 2016

    Hello, Ignore This !!!both of these companies have a High standard commitment to high quality practices and production of product and A customer service that is friendly and helpful!

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  •   Jan 09, 2016

    TV Look alikes. performers, dancers, Stage plays.staginging, sets, all forms of Entertainment for people of all ages and for all types of occations.

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  •   Jan 09, 2016

    Tv Look ALikes, Danser, Performers, ostume design, Set design and studios are glad to announce an good out come with our look alike tv performer

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  •   Jan 09, 2016

    I ewaa not the one to make to complaint and looks alike i have a complanint sitting under my store please remove.

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  •   Jan 29, 2016


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