Micheal Jones / scam

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: 5165156754

received a email stated that i was approved for $1000..okay they put money into my account for $[protected]@they told me to withdraw $500 so i [protected]@they told me to go buy a [protected]@put $445 on the moneypak so i did it once the moneypak activated micheal jones call me [protected]@told me to scrated the #off the back of the moneypak so i did it..and he told me to goh [protected]@wait for his phone call..okay he call me and he call me [protected]@put an addition $600 plus into my [protected]@he told me to go withdraw $670 so i [protected]@ he told me tp go purchase to moneypak one for $[protected]@the other was $500 so i did so he call me back for both #on the back of the moneypak so i gave it to [protected]@like i said he told me to go [protected]@[protected]@he will call me back in 30

Aug 13, 2014

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