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Michaels School of Hair Design and Esthetics / Fraud and Horrible Business Practices

1 73 South River RoadBedford, NH, United States Review updated:

Original complaint

On 3/14/2008 I met with Dottie in Admissions at Michaels School of Hair Design and Esthetics. She had told me I needed to pay $150.00 for enrollment once I decided to attend the school. I gave her my credit card in which she said it would not go threw until I complete the financial aspect (federal loans etc). When I checked my bank account the next day it had gone threw right away. I did however sit with the financial aid office at the school who gave me no information or options on how to fund my way threw school. I have since been calling this school with questions and concerns and I have yet to receive a call back on anything.

I have attached a document that was signed by Heather on March 14, 2008.
Also she provided us with a check (#190) not a credit card.
We provided Heather with all the tools for obtaining loans to attend school.

On March 17th Heather met with Kelly Edwards are Financial aid Leader
At that meeting she was supplied with all the tools we have to apply for student loans.
Heather applied for a career training loan on-line at home and was denied.
She was going to ask her boyfriends parents to co-sign?

Dottie (admissions Leader) called and spoke with Heather on 3/26/08
"she can not afford school and does not have a cosigner..."


Calvin Kapos
VP Operations

BBB New Hampshire
25 Hall Street Suite 102
Concord, NH 03301
Tel: [protected]
Fax: [protected]

Re: Case #[protected]: Coiffures by Michael Inc.

Complainant’s rebuttal statement.

Hereby Heather Booth of 64 ½ Bowers Street is referred to as the complainant and Coiffures by Michael Inc. is referred to as the respondent.


Please accept this rebuttal as a position statement of the complainant to the respondent’s position statement. The complainant is dissatisfied with the position statement submitted by Mr. Calvin Kapos, VP of operations for Coiffures by Michael Inc because of the reasons stated below.

• “Also she provided us with a check (#190) not a credit card”. I had stated in my original complaint dated 04/16/2008 that I had paid Coiffures by Michael Inc. a total of $150 using my bank debit card. Please see exhibits A and B. Exhibit A is a receipt of “conversion” of a debit card transaction into electronic funds as indicated in the section of receipt “Resp” as “ACH CONV” with an “AUTH NUM 780-388”. Exhibit B is a copy of the bank statement which shows the type of transaction as “ACH Debit”. As such, the sale was a credit/debit card transaction converted into a check # 0190.
• “We provided Heather with all the tools for obtaining loans to attend school” On March 17th 2008 when the Complainant met with Kelly Edwards, the latter had instructed complainant to bring a copy of 2006 return. During her appointment she filed her FAFSA for [protected] and when asked by the complainant why was she denied for Federal Pell Grants, Ms. Edwards cordially replied “They do their thingy and they figure it out”. That was the end of financial aid process with Ms. Edwards. No other option was provided or suggested by Ms. Edwards for continuing her application process with them.

• “Heather applied for a career training loan on-line at home and was denied.” Exhibit C is a copy of the loan that I applied on 4/13/08 after I visited with Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics. As you see on the application, Michaels is not listed. I visited Catherine Hinds Institute on 4/8/2008 after giving up on Michael’s school’s coordinators Dottie and Kelly Edwards to return my calls to answer my questions... Exhibit D is a copy of the complimentary Facial that I received as part of my tour at Catherine Hinds. Therefore, Mr. Kapos’s assumption that the complainant applied for a career loan online at home is estoppel. No such statement was made at any meeting with a Michael’s employee. Infact, the complainant found about the career training loan program through Sallie Mae after meeting with the financial aid coordinator at Catherine Hinds, who was very helpful in providing alternative options like “Professional judgment” and Sallie Mae loan program.
• “She was going to ask her boyfriends parents to co-sign?” This statement is erroneous as such statements were never made by the complainant. As such, statements like this are hearsay and are irrelevant to my complaint. Furthermore, my fiancé’s parents are in Canada and are not US citizens and I have been aware of this for a few years. As such, they do not have a US Social Security Number to cosign.
• "She can not afford school and does not have a cosigner..." is an assumption made by Dottie because no such statements were made by the complainant. Infact, Dottie never returned my phone calls.


Exhibit E is the copy of “Student Enrollment Agreement” signed by the complainant. It states

Upon my acceptance. I will provide the school with a $50 administrative/ registration fee to applied toward my tuition as well as a %150 application fee for all courses offered. I understand that the application fee is non-refundable and the administrative registration fee )paid during the Financial Aid Appointment) becomes non-refundable three business days after signing the enrollment Agreement (student contreact) done during “New Class Orientation”.

As you see, I haven’t taken any courses and as I have been accepted to the school but cannot attend it, constitute a denial of admissions/attending the school. On the contrary, if I have been accepted then I could start attending the school this May.

Further, upon denial for admissions, Michael’s School of Hair Design & Esthetics, A Paul Mitchell School will notify me in writing within three business days and refund all fees. I understand that I am eligible to reapply for admissions in 90 days after denial.

The complainant has not received anything in writing whether she was accepted or denied. If accepted then the complainant should be able to attend the school and if not accepted to attend the school (or in other words denied to attend) then the respondent has failed to state the reasons why in its position statement to BBB. If complainant is not able to attend the school because of financial aspects of her application then this constitutes a denial of her admission and hence according to the agreement excerpt above all fees including the $150 should be refunded.


Heather Booth


My Name is Dottie Lewis and I am the Admissions Leader here at Michael's School of Hair Design & Esthetics A Paul Mitchell Partner School. I did respond via email with Heather Booth on several occasions in regards to this present challenge. I would like to share with you that Heather Booth did go through an Admissions process here at Michael's and as a result of her 1 1/2 hour admissions appointment she was accepted to the school. The next appointment she needed to make was with our Financial aid to help assist Heather with her Financial Aid needs. Heather was aware of this process during the admissions appointment. During her admissions appointment she signed official documents in which I attached copies in our prior email to you. I would love for Heather to attend school here however, she would still need to pay for schooling. If you need me to send you the copies again please let me know. Also, If you have anymore questions please call me at
[protected] x123.
Thank you for your time with this matter and have a great day.
As for your further correspondence from Heather Booth our company stands by our policy, which clearly states the agreement of no refunds for this process.
Dorothy M. Lewis
Admissions Leader
Michael's School of Hair Design & Esthetics A Paul Mitchell Partner School
cc: Calvin Kapos

The BBB was unable to assist in resolving this complaint to the satisfaction of everyone involved. Your complaint will remain on file and will be used by BBB when preparing a report on the company.

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  • So
      17th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    I cannot believe that this is published! Not the complaint against the school but this woman's personal information! If this was me I would be horrified and BS that my address and financial information is on the web in such a way! Shame on Michael's School of Hair Design, this is utterly a disgrace!

  • Be
      30th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    She put all the info down for everyone to see. When you give an application fee, it is usually non refundable. I went to this same school, a few weeks ago, and had a very different experience! I wasn't asked for $150, for an application fee, that day. I made an appointment to come back, when my financial aid went through. Which it did. Kelly was extremely helpful and gave me numbers, how much I should receive for financial aid and my whole experience for the tour was positive!

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