Michael's Craft StoreFraudulent advertising

Michael's craft store purposefully puts out in-store FRAUDULENT signs in the jewellery making aisle, especially around x-mas holiday time (to new years) when people are mostly rushed/stressed/burned out etc. so that most won't bother to complain or bother return to stand in long line ups, thus the Michael's corporation takes advantage on these manipulative marketing tactics!!!

Even though I was FULLY AWARE of their deceptive signs they have used in the past and got terribly sucked it into it before, I still got CONNED again over what should be simple clear sales signs and how they are displayed. I had spent at least two hours and over $500.00 dollars and was in total shock that this actually happened to me again! So I returned back to the store that night to return a number of their items, which I should have returned all of it, but I had made long ago commitments to family members etc. for their late x-mas presents. I am on no income so this was so insane and depressing!!!
No more CONsumer x-mas's! Screw that!

Later that same night I showed my guy and two other women shoppers in the jewellery/bead area of the store the signs, and asked them how do they read these signs and they saw it the exact same way as I did!!!
It was not a subjective matter, it was a complete con job matter!!!

Over the weekend I showed the same examples to another couple and their older daughter and they said the same thing!!! That makes 7 out of 7 people which we all can't be wrong, right???. Oh of course the manager in the store at the time tried to explain me otherwise but I proved her wrong and was more insulted that she has to be trained to go along with the corporate con jobs rather than just be honest with me. All one has to do is look up at tons employee complaints at Michael's craft stores online and I can understand all the ### they have to put up with too. (check out all the overpriced custom framing complaints too lol)

Oh and by the way...don't ever believe any customer service when they tell you " we take your calls very seriously and we'll have our marketing manager call you" lie!!! Twice I contacted their head office in the states, only to have them make you explain everything all over again. and make you wait for days for no marketing manager that suppose to call you back. No, these coward ### may only listen to their monitored calls just to find out if they would be sued/ liability issues, but that's all. Doesn't matter ladies, if you were a big spenders at Michael's, there is obviously no loyalty as I found out and I am too embarrassed to say how much I use to spend there! Those days are OVER!!!

So now I am still too upset to make these gifts and instead, and I think I will just return all the rest of the items...but its going to cost about another $50.00 in gas as its very long distance ( here in Saskatchewan) back to the same damn store as there isn't anything closer.

After this terrible experience I will never go back to Michael's again, but I sure will inform as many people for the rest of my life as much as possible for their own protection and piece of mind!


Thank you complaints

Jan 07, 2015

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