Michaels Arts & Crafts, East Kellogg, Wichita, KS / Unethical Employee Behavior

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Jobs are listed online for openings, you apply online, then you followup and request a "hiring manager". You get put on hold then someone else picks up the phone and says, "We are not hiring anymore." and slams the phone down! REALLY??? I call back and ask for the hiring manager and get Alex, he says he is a manager and that Tracy was not there so no one could of talked to her. Explain to him the rudeness of his staff and how that should be addressed. He could care less. I contact corp, a district manager was supposed to call me back, have not heard a word in a wk. Might be a better idea to stop hiring family and friends that have no respect for ppl or proper ethics. Maybe they should start with the managers and district managers and work their way down to ppl lacking in skills. The disrespectfulness that is given if far from acceptable. It's too bad, maybe they should hire better ppl that know how to handle customers and hiring inquires better and they might receive better reviews.

Dec 11, 2015

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