Michael's Arts & Craft / Poor Customer Service

I went to Michael's to exchange a damaged photo frame. Upon walking to the aisle of where I found the frame, 3 18"x24" frames came crashing down on me! First of all, these huge frame are placed at the very top of the shelves. I did not even touch one, but merely approached it when each one gradually slid down, one hitting the top of my head, the second scrapping my right cheek and ear and the other slamming on my face and me in a state of panic/shock surrounded by broken glass.

It took awhile for someone to help me. One of their associate told me, this has never happened before and she didn't know what to do. I asked to talk to a Manager. She left me surrounded by the broken glass. Still in shock and feeling the pain, I waited for 5 minutes. No one came to help me. I walked myself to the Customer Service area at the front of the store, telling another associate of what just happened. I find the associate you just helped me ringing other customers in another register. Completely disregarding what she just witnessed. An assistant manager finally came... I was't looking for a hug or anything like that, but some sort of empathy... he basically told me that good thing i wasn't bleeding. I said, no but I'm in pain. Half of my face is in pain. He asked me what he wanted me to do about it? Completely not the response I was expecting! I just looked at him. I said for other's safety, please pick up the broken glasses and make sure your big items are not placed up on top where it can hurt your customers. He just nodded and said, well, it's never happened before.

More concerned about the throbbing pain coming from my right side of my face and ear, that I didn't argue. They didn't take my name or information. Later on that evening, after icing the area in the afternoon, I called the store to let them know that i am still in pain and that i actually have a bruised and a scrape. They had to have a store manager call me back. It took 2 hours for a "closing" store manager to call me back, only that he couldn't do anything... he said he wasn't the actual manager, and that he would relay the message over to the store manager first thing tomorrow as the store manager would be in at 6am. By 10:30am the following morinng, no one has called me back. I then called again, in which I finally got a hold of the Store manager. I then had to tell my store for the 4th time... and he said, oh yes, i was going to call you but haven't gotten around to it. He said, i do have your information. I told him the situation and also added that i was 7 months pregnant at which time, he began to respond. He asked for my full information. Firstname, Lastname and phone number. I said, oh, i thought you already have that info as you were going to call me.. do you not have it? He said, oh.. can i have that phone number again? I gave it to him. He said, oh yes, i have here and then repeated the number i just gave him. I said, yes, that's the number I just gave you. He said yes.. well, someone from Gallagher and Bassett will contact you moving forward.

So this is where i am... not pleased w/ their lack of immediate response.

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