Michael Steiner / Butchered my eyes

1 United States

Dr. Michael Steiner performed a very harmful, painful procedure on my eyes, claiming it would "help" me. It left me in excruciating pain with scarring and lacerations running through my eye into my facial nerves. This has caused me so much anguish and misery and I have intense pain where no pain existed before this procedure. He billed my insurance over $1, 200 for this and claimed it was "medically necessary";. I have to cover my eye now because it looks as though someone assaulted my eye and left it bloody and red!. He told me it was a safe procedure and it would help me and I believed him/. He was lying just to get money from my insurance'. I am left having to take pain meds for this just to exist|. He lied and said I'd have no veins in my eye but instead have too many to count that are burning and stinging with fierce pain continually:. I trusted the wrong doctor and will never be the same again!. This doctor Michael STeiner is a butcher.


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