Michael Kors Store 2012 / Payment not received

I bought a bag online from on 1/1/2016

I paid a total of 77.99 USD (67.99+10 for shipping). I was extremely disappointed with the quality of bag. I felt cheated since you can get a similar bag in India for 15-20 USD.

The website talks about Easy Return Policy with no other hidden charges. When I approached them, it was a different story. They promised to refund 20 USD saying I can save return shipping fee, restocking fee (15%-20%) and bank handling fee (5%-10%). According to them, shipping costs 40 USD. What is the actual cost of the bag then?

Finally they agreed to refund 66 USD if I bear the cost of shipping charges. They sent me the following address and phone no - Kevin, JinWeiHaoYuan, GouTou, ChengXiang Area, PuTian City, FuJian Province, China 351100. Phone number: [protected]

I sent a speed post spending another 11 USD. The bag is stuck in some post office in China for a long time. Finally I came to know that they purposely sent me wrong address and phone no, so that the bag never reaches them!

If they had told me they will not reimburse, I wouldn’t have gone this far. I lost a total of 90 USD and went through so much trauma sending emails to them and coordinating with India Post & China Post.

I request you take action against the team involved in

Inspite of sending multiple emails and reminders, they don’t respond to emails and refused to give a person name or contact no. The few emails ids available with me are [protected], [protected], [protected] and [protected]

Apr 12, 2016

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