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Michael Davis Custom Painter / Shoddy workmanship / peeling paint

Jun 1, 2015
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Contact information:
Michael Davis of Ultimate Specialized Artistry
35200 Silver Oak Drive, Leesburg FL 34788
Phone: 407-443-4044
On 5/4/ 15 my fairing was pick up by Michael Davis for paint and art, this was a brand new fairing. I was told that it would be done on Friday 5/8/15, Saturday at the latest. He had it sanded down and ready to start paint the same evening he picked it up and sent me a pic via text message. On 5/5/15 he sent me another text stating that the inner fairing had been painted with the base coat and was ready for clear and he was starting on the outer fairing. I then did not hear anything back from him so I sent him a text saying, "Okay, I've tried to be patient but... How's my fairing coming?" I received a text back saying he had been sick for a couple days but "we're okay" and that he would be performing Fri & Sat at various locations. But the fairing would be ready to Buff and deliver on Sunday. I said "okay, so I guess you wanted it to be a surprise since I never got the grease pencil outline" I was suppose to be sent an outline of the graphics that would be going on the fairing... I never received them. He apologized and I left it alone. I never heard from him on Sunday and waited till Monday to message him again. He got back to me and said he had been sick and was aiming for drop off on Wed. I did not hear from him till I messaged him Wed. 5/13/15 @ 5:51pm reading: "Are you home? Where are you at with my fairing? If you aren't done with my fairing I want to come get my fender so I can get it back on my bike." (my front fender had been sent with the fairing for color match) I received a message saying he was home and he was working on my fairing now and was planning on bringing it to me the next day. I messaged him back asking "Tomorrow for sure?" He said Absolutely let me finish and I'll send you pics in about an hour. Well an hour later I received my first pic. It was my fairing with the tribal design started on it. (hmmm that's funny on 5/8 it just needed it's top coat and on 5/10 it just needed to be buffed????) I received several more pictures by 10:25 pm he sent me a message saying he was done with it. And would drop it off the following day but I would need to let it sit a day or two. Okay no problem, I just mainly wanted my front fender back so I could ride Sunday. On Thursday 5/14 I received another message and pic of my fairing saying he was waiting for a trike to be delivered and had one bug to buff out of the fairing and he would be on his way with it. We met at my home in between my appointments, The art on the fairing looked beautiful and he showed me one area that he said would buff out, I place the fairing on a comforter on top of my washer and left to go do another appointment. I got home just about the same time as my boyfriend. We walked out into the driveway with the fairing so we could get a better look at it and the first thing he noticed was the inner fairing edge had only partially been painted and wasn't finished. I sent a pic over to Michael and asked why it was like that. and then sent him another message to please call me. The reason being we found many other issues with the fairing (please see photos with the blue tape marking all the problem areas) He messaged me back saying that he would call on his break as he was performing that night. He called me sometime after 9pm, I was very upset as I had been dealt several blows that day and the fairing was just one of them, I had been crying so I asked Mike to speak to my boyfriend. The first thing he, Mike said to my boyfriend is "I'm not getting into a pissing contest with you over this" < well that was proffesional, wasn't it! Robert told him no but the fairing needed to be redone as it had to many issues. Mike agreed to look at the fairing it fix the problems. He was working at Mt Dora for the weekend so I left him alone and messaged him on Monday evening since I hadn't heard back from him. I made arrangements to take the inner and outer fairing back to him on Tuesday 5/19, After applying blue painters tape to all our areas of concern we then drove the fairing back to Leesburg. He was told to take his time and to please make things right. I finally drove back up to Leesburg on Friday 5/29/15 to pick up my fairing, There were a few areas that I was not happy (blobbed paint around edge here and there, small fish eye in top coat, ect) with but decided to leave it alone. I brought the fairing home and again set it on a comforter on top of my washer which is where it stayed till today. My boyfriend again pointed out issues with the edges of the inner fairing... so we decided instead of addressing it we would go buy trim and cover the inner fairing edge as well as the outer fairing edge so as not to worry about it. Robert had applied the trim were we wanted it on the outer fairing and placed the fairing back together but when he went to put the windshield back on he noticed several small pieces of paint flaking off the top very visible section of the fairing, He pulled the windshield back out and saw another larger piece flake off. I was pissed! I had been without my fairing for almost a month at this point and although the art work was incredible, the overall paint job was crap. I had already heard his excuses, him calling my fairing crap and a turd, telling me it had all these defects after he had painted it. If the fairing was that bad then you should have told me before it was painted. Communication is the key here... he didn't communicate anything to me until after I found problems. And let's talk about his snarky remark to me when I asked him if there was any paint left because I would like to have it on hand for future touchups. He responded with "Not much, you had me paint it twice" Really? I "had" you paint it twice? If it would have been right the first time and not delivered to me with more than a dozen bugs in it, then you wouldn't have had to paint it twice. Did I mention the paint alone was almost $200. That was on top of the $400 I paid you. Let me remind you... you originally said $350 maybe $400. Had my fairing been right the first time and on time with out all the lies and excuses... you would have got a tip on top of that. So Ya, I'm pissed, I'm cussing and I'm being rude... Because I'm FED UP!

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