Mian A. HaqRescheduling issues

I had heard from other passengers what they went through when they had to reschedule their flights with Emirates Airlines. I did not know the extent of problems until I had my own bitter experience in rescheduling my flight EK 0623 from Lahore, Pakistan to Dubai on 23 January, with an eventual destination with flight EK 0229 from Dubai to Seattle. I am writing my experience to draw attention from the management of Emirates Airlines, so this kind of problem is rectified for other passengers.
Flight EK 0623 from Lahore, Pakistan, to Dubai on January 23 was rescheduled about five hours ahead of schedule due to anticipated foggy conditions in Lahore. This information was conveyed one day before the flight. I did not get this information on our internet, due to Wi-Fi problems (which is a common occurrence due to power outages in Pakistan). To my utter disappointment, the flight EK 0623 had already left when we (my wife and me) reached the airport. This was the first time in our lives that we heard a flight was rescheduled ahead of time instead of a latter time because of weather conditions. Anyway, we went to the local office of Emirates Airlines, Abid Majeed Road, Lahore Cant next day for rescheduling our flight. Our experience in dealing with the flight rescheduling nightmare consisted of the following:
1. We spent the entire day, with three trips to the airline office. The first rip consisted of providing the reservation information of both of us. We were told that we will be notified when the reservations are finalized from Dubai. Later on the day, we were told that we could come to office and get the ticket prints. However, we were shocked to learn during our office visit, that the request for my wife’s reservation had not gone, and only my ticket was available. The airline officials said that they would make another request for my wife’s reservation, and asked us to come again. Eventually, we got the tickets on the third visit. Since we were going to stay in Dubai for almost day and a half, we requested for a hotel voucher. We were told that we could not get a voucher because it was less than 24 hours left in our departure, and therefore, it was not possible to acquire a hotel voucher from Dubai office. However, we were assured that a request had been made for our hotel voucher. But, on contacting the customer desk of Emirates Airlines at Dubai Airport, we were told that no such request for hotel voucher was in their record. We were told that no hotel voucher could be provided since there was no such request. However, the gentleman at the customer desk felt pity on us (we are senior citizens), and eventually arranged the hotel accommodation.
2. While getting the tickets, we were told to get vaccination certificates for polio. It was almost 4:30 P.M. when we got this information from the airline office. I asked the gentleman in the ticket office whether we could get this done at the airport. He said we should not count on it, and we should go to a hospital. The result was that we had to spend several hours in busy traffic to find a hospital, and get the polio vaccination. Later on we found out, that there was a booth, located in front of the Emirates Airlines counter at Lahore Airport, where we could get the required vaccination even without any cost. This booth was available twenty four hours for free polio vaccination service.
3. We were told by the Emirates Airlines office as well as by the airlines personnel on our telephone enquiries that we should arrive at the airport at least four hours before the flight departure. As directed, we reached the airport four hours prior to the flight departure. But, we were the only passenger standing in front of the Emirates Airlines counter for over an hour. Even the Emirates Airlines counter was not open for service during this time. There was no need to emphasize on this extra time for us to reach the airport.

Feb 03, 2015

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