M"I Bank ScottsdaleOverdraft charges and uncaring attitude to long term customers

If there were negative star ratings for this bank I would definitely give them one. I am on a limited income and an elderly person that has been a reliable and faithful customer of this bank for 10 years. When I found out last night that my account had become negative, I rushed in this morning to deposit money when the bank first opened. I have an impeccable history with this bank and even though I struggle financially I have been a good banking customer. Regardless of this, this branch failed to notify me in the lobby that they had hit me with a $70 overdraft fee, which at my age and income is devastating. I found out when I got home and my daughter checked my account online from California and notified me about the overdraft. I immediately called my personal bank manager Merl and he refused to remove the fee! Heartless cold unfeeling corporate America rules this bank. I am not sure there is an alternative that is better but I intend to go looking for one.

Mar 09, 2016

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