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MHADA / Safety hazards and unwanted remains in Alibhai Premji's Building

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I, Mr. Hasan Radiowala residing at 204/205, Tyre Terrace, Bhadkamkar Marg, 04th Floor, Next to Apsara Multiplexer, Grant Rd. (E), Mumbai – 400 007, would like to complaint against the MHADA Contractor Mr. Arif / Mr. Anif and appeal for justice for the below mentioned concerns:
1. Safety Concern Date : 27th Dec 2010
Due to the construction work commenced in our building there is lot of irregularities seen by the Contractor wherein he is not showing any interest in terms of safety of the people residing in the building.

It is also seen that during the construction the contractor needs break down all the structures which are damaged and repair the same accordingly. However during the break down most of the remains (rabit) just stay on the main staircase unattended during the day. Now since it’s a residential building there are families which reside and commute every day.

The most residents in the building are senior citizens above the age of 65yrs. I reside with my father and mother who too our senior citizens. Due to the construction work all the remains were piled on the main staircase due to which my father lost his balance and slipped hurting himself.

I’m extremely disappointed by method of contractor working since it’s a threat to life of my parents and the other people of the building. Hence it’s an appeal to get me a compensation for the losses.

2. Metal Trauma
After the incident with my father is suffering from mental trauma, where he is not able to climb or descend the staircase due t the threat to his life.
We need serious attention so that the construction work can successfully complete.

3. Disgraceful events and humiliation.
Morning 27th Dec 2010 before leaving for work I informed and alerted all the labors who were working to pick up the remains (rabit) from the staircase so that it does not cause any harm to the residents of the building. However no action was taken.
The same day while my father was descending the stairs which was now filled and piled with at least 3fts of remains (rabit) slipped. However instead of helping the old aged man to get up and escorted to his house the labors had a very good laugh on the incident which was very unethical and insulting.

4. Irregularities in work
Once the work is commenced there is no one to supervise the progress. The contractor comes down to the site commands the allocated work and comes back the other day.
Since he has more than three sites to visit he is not able to dedicate his complete attention to our site which might even cause our lives.
There are unnecessary delays too, at times on asking the reasons for the same the contractor states “The amount for cement and other things required for construction was not allocated or approved. The approval would be given only after the Sr. Engg. Visits the site. Further delay is due to them.” Hence there is a blame game played and he walks-out.

5. Unethical Language Used.
Every-time if there are any issues to be followed up or concerns to rectify the contractor clearly warns us that he would leave the construction as is, in the middle and we have to stay in as is condition.

Hence I plead a compensation for the same OR change in the contractor.

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      30th of May, 2011
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    I, Mr. Hasan Radiowala residing at 205/207, Alibhai Premji's Tyre Terrace, Bhadkamkar Marg, 04th Floor, Next to Apsara Multiplexer, Grant Rd. (E), Mumbai – 400 007, would like to complaint against the MHADA Contractor Mr. Arif Bhelen / Mr. Anif Bhelen Also Architect Mr. Farhan Lokhandwala and appeal for justice for the below mentioned concerns:

    Extraction of Money : As per the Mhada Contractor and the Architect mentioned above the water proofing and chips (Tiles) are not covered and they say that he Money is paid only Rs 35 per sq. ft. which is not enough to built the same. The Contractor has been repetatively asking for a difference of amt. of Rs 40 per sq. ft over and above to complete the Chips Fitting.

    However before the start of the work they promised to fullfill our needs as requested.

    Irregularities in work
    Ideally the complete Waterproofing of the bathrooms too should be covered but they in the repairs, but I see they have just broken down the above said bathrooms of our premises and is asking for more money to built the same.

    The Contractor has already taken 20 thousand Rupees in the name of plastering the inner walls which were completely damaged.

    The beams which were in extremely bad condition were not invigilated by any engineers of Mahda neither by teh Architect. Since they seemed extremely in bad condition we had to shell out extra money to get the iron rods replaced. (which again should be covered by MHADA)

    Apart from which there were platforms for the Tanks placed on the terrace which were worn out too. The Contractor denied to do the water proofing of the terrace untill the the tank platforms are moved for which he asked for additional money.

    Certainly humans cannot stay without Water hence we had to pay him a sum of Rs. 1, 10, 000 (One Lakh Ten Thousand) to recreate the platforms. The platforms are made up of four brick pillars 1 12 ft each. These pillars are mounted with three iron beams on which the kadappa rests. The contractor charged us Rs 17, 000 per platform. There are 5 platforms which are made. He has been continuously charging us on small issues like white cement requirement for external plaster of the building etc...
    The amount money given to him is documented with his signature.
    We have been tortured to all extents and plead for justice. There is an 81 yr old grand mom and my parents which are 65 plus (senior citizens) which are being troubled and there is no action taken by Mhada. There are initial complaints done to change the Contractor but there are not reverts.
    Please work with us and help us in getting our money back...

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