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Since 2001 we never been late on our mortgage; but about September 3rd I had been ill & had missed 1 payment on the mortgage held by MGC Mortgage INC. This is connected with my dead mothers estate in which I am the administrator of to this day after her death. So, I notified MGC Mortgage of the problem and instructed them that I would be making the regular payments plus adding additional funds until the missed payment was caught up. Made subsequent payment on 10/03/2012, 11/03/2012 and when I was about to make the 12/03/2012 payment I received a call from MGC Mortgage stating that I was 3 payments behind and of course I disputed that claim and Faxed the information from First National Bank Leger showing my past 18 payments, the dates all the payments posted as well as the electronic reference # from the online check posting.

My complaint is simple; MGC Mortgage has be defrauding me out of additional money since 2008 of before; because I've been sending above the amount due on this account in access of $25.00 every month for over 4 years and those additional moneys should have been placed into an account specifically in the event of a missed payment etc. That is what I sent the additional fees cover the cost of yearly insurance etc. not to be absorbed by MGC Mortgages manipulation of funds being paid from my bank account. Case in point I have never missed but one payment that was 09/03/2012 and haven't missed a payment since.

When I asked MGC to compare my records of the payment history with what they said they had in 12/20/2012 I Faxed over the payment records to their Collections department and I never even received a response from them and on 03/05/2013 I faxed even more evidence of my payment history and that included my last payment of $460.00 on 03/04/2013 for February & March 2013. I am very tired of getting the runaround from these people @ MGC Mortgage INC. I hope you can assist me with this situation seeing I cannot afford an attorney at this time.

MGC Mortgage Inc

Mar 06, 2013
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  • Mg
      Mar 14, 2013

    As an authorized representative of MGC Mortgage, I ask the customer who posted this complaint to contact us directly at [protected] We will be glad to work with you on this issue.

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  • Wi
      Dec 02, 2014

    Please do not fall for the Mgc Mortgage escalation crap! All you are going to get is a washed up attorney by the name of Erika Thomas who could not get another job at a real firm!!! Before speaking with her ask to see her credentials because she sure as hell not registered!!! Never do a fraudulent REMOD with ANDREW BEAL he will rip you off to the tune of about 40k to 50k to 60k thousand dollars!! And you will never see a TITLE!!! TAKE IT FROM ME RIP OFF!!

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  • Wi
      Dec 02, 2014

    Never send anything to MGC Mortgage DO NOT FAX them anything let them find your money like everyone did! Maybe they will look in the pockets of Andy Beal opps there it is!!

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