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Website advertisement leads you to believe the trial product is free, and you have 14 days after receiving the product to cancel any future orders. I called them to cancel on the 13th day after receiving the product (they also send you a 30-day supply and state that it takes from two to four weeks to start working--thus, how could you make a decision within 14 days?), then discovered a few days later that they charged my debit card four charges totaling $184.84 for two bottles of "vitamins". I then called them to demand my money refunded, only to be told that I did not call within the 14 day period (they apparently start the clock on the 14 days when they "ship" the product, obviously shortening the time you have to try the product). I received it on the 26th of November and called them on the 8th of December, actually only 13 days. They shipped it on the 21st. They refused to refund my money, even if I returned the product! This company is nothing more than a SCAM. They are using every trick in the book to fraudulently charge people for a product that does exactly NOTHING for men. They will be out of business in a few years after word gets around about their sleazy business practices. The lady I spoke to on the phone actually hung up on me after loudly reading a scripted line about their refusal to refund my money. I will be reporting them to the BBB and every SCAM-reporting website I can find.

Dec 22, 2014
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  • Ro
      Aug 31, 2015

    The exact same thing happened to me.
    Avoid this company!

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  • Bu
      Oct 08, 2015

    The same thing happened to my husband. Charged him for "shipping" the first time, then less than two weeks later they charged us $89.95. He called to cancel, they told him that they would not refund the money. I called them, told them that they would either refund the money or I would dispute the charge with my bank & I would win. SO she could chose how she wanted to handle it. She originally said she would do 50%, I told her no I wanted the full amount or I would call the bank. We got the full refund. I have tried to explain to my husband there is nothing free in this world. Maybe now he will listen.

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  • St
      Nov 16, 2015

    I have read above complaints and same is happening to me. Received 2 Bottles of their product in October 2015 and I am now one month later getting another bottle which I did not order. Told them I was sending back, the guy told me to see bottom of packing slip about returns. Fee would be $89. I told him don't mess around, in other words though. I have to wait to see if credit card is charged, did mail back.

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  • Gl
      Nov 25, 2015

    This company is a total scam. The same thing happened to me as describe in these other complaints. I only had the product 6 days before they charged my account for $84.95. I talked to "Juan" who would not listen to my complaints in a professional way, refused to refund my money, and said that I gave them permission to do this on their website (which I did not see any indication of this. Please avoid this scam!

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  • Jo
      Jan 11, 2016

    yesh that [censored] recording says please call on Pacific Standard time.. 7 am to 5 pm. i called at 4. left a message. this is my second time. so i cancelled my card, This is BS. I WANT WHAT THEY TOOK FROM ME, !

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