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MFI / Fraud

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Recently saw a charge on my bank account for MFI/ I have not authorized any charges on my account for this item. In conducting some research, I traced this back to and see several complaints for the same activity. I immediately reported this to the bank and the charge was placed on hold and being removed. I suggest if you see this, immediately contact your bank before funds are deducted from your account. Once the charge goes through, it is difficult and time consuming to have it removed. Someone in consumer protection needs to take some action against this company.

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  • Jp
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    I discovered after my rarely used checking account that I've just been waiting to close was overdrawn that the 14 day trial with didn't come to an end. I discovered the first day that they didn't provide much information and cancelled by calling them or so I thought only to discover in July they have been taking $19.95 out of my acount since May. I was so furious, I went online and cancelled only to have them take another $19.95 out in Aug., which I attempted to go online again to cancel and call only to suddenly not exist, so I sent a complaint and request once again to their customer service requesting that my account be cancelled and closed and restating that I had thought I cancelled back in May. They charged me again in September and sent me a response with a number to call via email from customer service to cancel. I called and got the run-around, but finally was able to get a credit on Aug and Sept, but I'm furious and feel too there should be a class action against these abuses of people's information. If anyone is mad enough like me to make a legal example of, then by all means let me know. I'd be happy to get with all those ripped off and bring them down. Thanks!

  • Aa
      16th of Oct, 2009
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    MFI - Rip off company
    United States

    In September 2007 I purchased a kitchen from MFI as part of that purchase I should have recieved a flip down TV. MFI initially lost our contract but fortunately I had a copy so they couldn't say it was not part of the £7, 000 + I paid for the kitchen. In the last year they have every reason not to provide us with this item despite having a contractual agreement with me to do so.

    I have been the ultimate customer allowing them to downgrade the cost of the product when they said they no longer had any of the original product in store. I was the ulitmate customer when in July I went to pick up what was siad to be the product to find that there was a DVD palyer in the box. On returning it I was informed that someone in the warehouse must have stolen it.

    To add insult to injury for a product that would have originally cost £500 + installation even down-grade it would have cost £350 + installation, they were only prepared to offer me £100.00. This is not acceptable. I want the £350 + £200 for installation to purchase the product myself.

    I have submitted a formal compalint which I was informed was being dealt with -that was 4 weeks ago.

    MFI needs to pay me the £550 compensation given the time wasting and deplorable afteercare service that I have had to suffer this past 14 months.

  • Ge
      25th of Feb, 2011
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    To avoid recurring charges, you must completely cancel. You know you've done this when you get a 7-digit cancellation number. A lot of people have difficulties with this, but it's actually a piece of cake if you follow through the entire process. There's a video tutorial about it (unofficial of course... I'm not aware that has actually produced anything like this before) at this site:

  • At
      16th of Aug, 2011
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    MFI - Worst Customer Service Ever
    United States

    I can see a few complaints on here for MFI and I thought I would share my experience of the worst customer service I have ever received.

    We recently ordered a kitchen from MFI and subsequently found a part of the kitchen was delivered wrong - a single base unit - nothing complicated, it was simply that one base unit a"500" unit (denoting the width) was delivered instead of a "600" unit. Something which could easily be sorted out - if only MFI had even an inkling of what Customer Service actually was.

    We tried to contact MFI to sort this simply matter out before our fitters started to charge us more money for waiting around. However the "Customer Service" call centre simply said it was the store's mistake and that we had to contact them to get it resolved - no problem we called the store ... and got through to a voice mail. We left a message. No response after 2 hours. We left another, and another and another. In fact in the space of 24 hours we left 5 voice mail messages none of which were returned.

    We contact "Customer Service" again who also tried to contact them through the main consumer number and their in house ex-directory number - with no answer. They sent emails. They tried again - even MFI's own "Customer Service" call centre couldn't get a response.

    I then resolved to simply press redial when diverted to voice mail again and again and again until ... eventually ... after 15 redials, someone actually picked up the phone.

    That is when their customer service got even worse.

    I was told that it would take 3 weeks to get another Base Unit delivered, then I was told they could do it by post quicker, then I was told they couldn't do it by post at all, then I was told, to my insistence that this was not good enough, that there was another possibility ... this was over the course of 3 phone calls only one of which was theirs to me, and all of mine were only picked up after repeating the redial method. My last call found my contact had left for the day without coming back to me with his next idea!!

    The next day he was not at work so we went personally up to the store and asked for the Store "Manager". He listened to our complaint and then passed us on to another sales guy who told us this could be resolved today by getting a unit from another store. He would go and get it himself if necessary! Sounded good.

    By the end of the day no unit had turned up.

    We redialled and redialled until we got through only to find out he had also gone home without resolving our problem. However we were told by his colleague that he was coming out first thing to pick the unit up and deliver it to us.

    The next day we called (on redial) again as we had still no unit - and he told us that his colleague was mistaken and that he had not planned to go this morning or yesterday (as he had said to us) but a courier was on his way now. I challenged his method of "Customer Service" and questioned why he felt it unnecessary to keep me - an annoyed customer - up to date with progress thus annoying me even more? He actually said he should have kept in touch!! A breakthrough!!

    And I actually got a call an hour later from him!!! His courier had broken down!! and he was sending out a member of staff to get teh Unit. Actually that was all fine because I was so pleased that I was actually being kept in the loop.

    2 hours later the Unit arrived and we thought well at least it has been resolved. We got our fitters back in and the got back to work - only to find that this unit was damaged.

    Back on the redial, no response, the "Store Manager" couldn't come up with a way of helping us and seemed incapable of finding a solution. Our sales contact was no where to be found.

    We went back through to "Customer Service" who refused to help us saying it was the stores issue. After much arguing the resolved to post us the damaged parts but this would take over a week.

    I eventually decided to call Head Office and got through to what I was told was the highest level of "Customer Service" they had. However I received no help there saying what had been done was all they would do. No apologies for the way I had been treated, no comment on the level of their "Customer Service", no attempt to resolve what was still a very simple issue. In fact She just repeated the same thing over and over and over to me - they could post me the new units parts and that it would arrive in an "acceptable time frame".

    She would not be drawn on their incredibly bad "Customer Service" at all, was not in the least bit understanding, or even seemingly, willing to try and help.

    I have never experienced anything like this and would never think of giving this kind of service to my customers. I have no particular complaint about the products MFI have but if there was any justice in the world this company should be stopped from trading just for the way they treat its customers.

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