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Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2008 12:27:25 +0000
From: [protected]
To: [protected]


1)The soft copies of your contract/appointment option of service in
XPREX SHIPPING COMPANY U.K and you are to contact our legal traveling agent for a valid

Work-Permit/Employment Authorization Document which they will supply with
all formalities of the exact u.k. valid traveling documents which we require
so as to enable your work in London legally.
Note that the procurement of your work-permit must not exceed the
deadline as stipulated in the offer letter as it would take four (4)
working days for the traveling agent to procure your work-permit
which we have already bargained this instructions with their management committee.

1. Curriculum Vitae and other essential Qualification

2. Places and Offices held previously which correspondent with the
present offer.

3. The level of experience that is needed.

Attached herewith are your:

1. Letter of appointment
2. Terms of agreement which you are to read very well, accept by

printing and signing same then send via e- mail to the department which is
The hard copies documents bearing your career offer position will be sent to them after 24 hours been (FLY-UK INTERNATIONAL VISA PROCESSING DEPARTMENT) International who will solicit on the
preparation of your Visas and Work permit with the British High
Commission earlier here in u.k.
The same will be sent to you through courier service after all
formalities have been accomplished with through our legal traveling agent.
Upon your Arrival to u.k, Your credentials will be compared and
screened and also you will undergo job and company elaboration workshop for two weeks for:

1. Job Profile
2. Job Specification and orientation
3. Company Profile
4. Seal of Contract

You are advised to sign and send the appointment documents as an
attachment to the FLY-UK Traveling agent here in London(AMBASSADOR
GEORGE DALETH)(fly.[protected] through the email below
because: We have agreement with the Fly-u.k Travels to assist all our employees
especially so that it will be easier for them.. So that there will be
no need of transferring of documents illegally by the company or the
The documents that are needed for any employee to work in London
should come from the u.k immigration/travel agent here in u.k...
Scan and send the soft copies of appointment letters and the signed
agreement Letter to:

Fly ~ UK Travel Agent Limited
89 Manchester Drive London
E-mail: fly.[protected]
Dr. George Daleth -

Visa/Work permit Processing Department,
Department with these below informations:

1) Full Name
2) Residential Address
3) Mobile Number
4) Current Location
5) Soft copy of the Contract Appointment letter
6) Soft Copy of the Certificate of employment

Note: As written in the terms of agreement, every employee is to get
the traveling documents and incur the expense personally. The Company
will be reimbursed all the expense and also make additional payment of
GBP 3000 (Great Britain Pounds) to the employee as imposed by law for
This is because the expense should be incurred by the company but due
to the past experience we encountered by procuring Visas for unserious
employees, we then agreed that every employee should incur the expense
of getting the Visas and the work permit directly from London and
apply for reimbursement with the following with valid approved documents:

1. Letter for reimbursement addressed to the Chief Accountant.
2. Scanned copy of payment receipts
3. Application for payment of damages incurred during the
process of procurement of Visas.
4. Approval Letter from the immigration agent here in London.
5. Letter for the 75% advance salary of the first month
6. Account information where the reimbursement will be paid.

Do get back to us with developments and updates regarding the
procurement of your valid work-permit. You are required to contact the
Human Recourses Manger in case of any clarifications
Once again, congratulations as we look forward in seeing you achieve
your career goals with XPREX SHIPPING COMPANY U.K.
Thanks and have a nice day.


Xprex Shipping Company Limited.
International House. Unit 5B Worthy Road.
Chittening Industrial Estate.
Avonmouth. Bristol. UK. BS11 0YB
Tel: Bristol UK +[protected]
Fax: Bristol UK + [protected]

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      Sep 24, 2008

    Dear Sir,

    i just only asking how true your company offer a job as (Driver/Documentation) because i send a resume there thru email after a month they will reply me that i am qualified for the same position then they will send me a soft copy of Job contruct and they told me to contact of their attorney for the processing of my documents, they will send the breakdown of expenses which is a big amounth 2, 900 pounds then they will advise me keeping all the receipt for your office to reimbursement, the processing pay i will doposit to the account which is they will given to me, if you reply me this then i send you an email with the attachment of of their copy so that you can verify if its true or not.

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