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My daughter, myself and my grandson booked a trip to Dreams Cancun in November 08 and we got stuck in Mexico city International Airport where nobody seems to want to help nor do they speak English. We were told upon arrival from the Cancun airport that our connection flight would be delayed due to the airport being closed. We waited hours and hours and finally were told that there were no flights out to Canada at all until Thursday ( this was on Tuesday )
After many hours and inquiries we found the Mexicana booth only to find a long line-up of people going through a similar ordeal. There was a lot of tension and we managed to get a ticket to see an agent and waited, yet another few hours only to find out that Mexicana would not cover a flight out until Thursday, we were to stay overnight in Mexico City until then with our luggage (which was ruined) and a 5 year old. They would not cover a phone call or hotel accomodations!! Nothing!
I will never EVER use Mexicana flights again nor for not "being there" when we needed them. Huge insurance costs for absolutely nothing!!!
Dreams Cancun is a lovely resort and I will return but not with Mexicana airlines or a stopover in Mexico City!

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  • Mr
      Dec 22, 2008
    Mexicana - Boarding cutoff time
    Compania Mexicana de Aviacion
    United States

    I arrived with my wife at the airport at least 35 minutes before our scheduled flight to Mexico only to be told by one of the airline employees that we we're not going to be allowed to board because we were "late". I looked at the terminal clock and pointed out to her that the flight wouldn't leave for at least another half hour and requested to be processed immediately so we could board.

    She denied our request and started arguing with us about the time we actually arrived, then simply indicated that the flight was closed to further boarding and there was nothing she could do. She explained something about "security regulations" requiring passengers to be at the counter at least 2 hours prior to departure and that there is a "cutoff time for boarding" but she couldn't answer the question of what happens if someone stands in line within 2 hours and their baggage doesn't get checked before the 45 minute cutoff, does that mean they're late too and are they denied boarding?

    I just couldn't comprehend how is it that having more than 30 minutes until takeoff we just couldn't board. Instead, she offered another flight but was unable to find one for that same date and of course she said there'd be "penalties". Another $300 to put us on another flight! Without a doubt I felt ripped off, angry, frustrated, and very bitter about the whole thing. My wife and I were looking forward to this trip and instead we found out how outrageous these practices are. We still don't know if it's the airlines, the TSA, the airports or what, we just know that this is no way to treat travelers.

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  • Li
      Oct 01, 2009

    You arrived at the airport 35 minutes before your flight? And they wouldn't let you board? The horror!
    That is because they give you a cutoff time and you are expected to stick to that cutoff time. If you don't, you don't get on the plane. It's all very simple to understand and that's why I don't get how there can be so many complaints like this one. Get to the airport on time! Even an idiot can figure that one out!

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