mexican vacation getaways / refund and travel

1 AZ, United States

I have been getting the run around with this company for well over a year I was promised 3 or 4 different travel dates and was given 3 or4 different excuses why I couldn't travel at that time the excuses ranged from the swine flu to it was easter time and our company is not in the habit of losing money so I cancelled my certificate and did not recieve my refund of $400.00. after a few months had passed I contacted them again and reinstated the certificate with a promise from the owner of the company, Mr. C.R. Snow, that I would be able to travel on Jan. 13th. Jan. 13th came and went without hearing from anyone after many phone calls and emails. This trip was a give away with Global Vacation Network who has been no help in resolving this matter. I made the mistake of paying for the vacation club in full so I have no recourse I hold Global Vacation Network just as responsible as MVC since mthey were the ones who I originally dealt with

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