Mexican Paridise Getaways / Boardline Fruadulency

1 210 Corporate Place, Branson, MO, US
Contact information:
Phone: 417-334-5033

We've been 'on' this company for almost a year and a half to deliver what was CONTRACTUALLY agreed upon. We have followed all the contractual obligations on our part and jumped through a litany of hoops.
We have forfeited personal financial information, put forth money, and have gotten absolutely nothing in return except for exasperation and run around.

In our last correspondence geared toward finding out why we haven't gotten anything that we'd been promised, we were told that we have to send an additional $300 dollar Certified Money for 'taxes' within 10 days in order for them to secure our 'new dates'. The new dates by the way, were because they hadn't delivered anything on the last dates that were paid for over a year ago!

I think one lady summed it up when she said " Mexican Paradise Getaways, It's not just a vacation it's an adventure . . . FROM HELL"

My recommendations for anyone that is in 'our boat' to contact:
The Southwest Better Business Bureau Complaint resolution department:

AS well as the MO Attorney General:

There is power in numbers and a LOT of PEOPLE have been feeling ripped off, it's time to step up. It's hard to hear one that speaks in a large crowd, but hard not to hear a large crowd speaking together.
I'm just saying . . . . . Step up

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