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Metzger Industries Inc / Terrible experience

1 United States

An intern came to my house and said that if I let him show me the kirby that the Kirby company would help with sending him to college. I told him I didn't want a vacuum but I would let him show me. He told me the price was $2, 200. told me if I got tired of the production I could ask him to leave. He came around 7:00pm He went on with his show and told me that if I bought one he could go on a trip along with others from his group to Florida. That the challange was over yesterday but they were letting them try one more day. I got tired of his presentation and told him that I had seen enough and would he quit. He told me he had to do 18 sheets before he could quit. He came down on his price to 1, 700. I told him no. He went on about how this was his groups last chance and if he didn't sell a machine they would all not be able to go. He said would I be interested if he could get the price down more. I told him no, but he called and asked and they said yes. The offer was $1, 200. I told him no and explained why. He finally called and asked to be picked up. That was around 8:30-9:00. His trainer came in I thought to see that he had done what he needed to do to get the help for school. I didn't even invite him in. I was in the other room and he just came into the house. He started right in on how the kids needed to go on this trip and how it would help then in learning on selling ect. That this was the last night and nobody else sold one. THat the contest was really over yesterday but the office said they could try one more day. He told me he had the same machine in his van but was a proto type with an extra something. That he would let me have it only to help the kids and offered it to me for $990. and I could keep my old vacuum. I told him no. he got on the phone and then said that he was suprised but they would allow him to let me have for $590. just to help the kids. That they would have to post date it beause of the contest being over the day before. I had told them that I had had a Kirby 20 years ago and paid $1, 200. then. So this was really something that they would do this to help the kids. So I finally said yes. He gave me some paper work to fill out and went to the van and brought he machine in. He handed me the sales contract and told me that it was my life time warranty and to hurry and sign it and they would be getting out of my hair. I told him I wanted him to write up a new contract and put it in my husbands name, he started to do it and came up with some lame excuse. And told me he could just add him to that one and gave it to me to sign and they would be out of there. So I signed it. The intern cleaned up his mess and I thought that he put my old vacuum back in the closet were he had gotten it out of. They left and it was late and I was really tired. It was around 10:00. I went to put the new vacuum in the closet and put the old one somewhere else and it wasn't there. I call the office and the lady said she would get hold of them and get back to me. She called back about 1/2 latter and told me that they were already out of the area but would bring in back the next day before 12:00pm. I told her OK. I felt like something wasn't right after realizing what they had done. So I looked the machine up that they had left me and it was offered on the internet for $599. I told my husband about what had happened and he called the company and told them that they had misrepresented what they had sold me and the machine thay gave me was not what they said it was. I found out it wasn't even new but a refurbished machine. They told him that they would bring it back by 12:00 today. I waited until 1:00pm the next day and they didn't show and didn't call so I called the police. They told the police they would try to get it back to me by the end of tuesday. Never called me. So I called them and left a message that I wanted them to take back the machine they had sold me when they bring my vacuum back. They have done nothing but lie to me about everything and I don't trust them at all. I hope this helps anybody that reads it and are aware of this thing they do and don't fall for it.


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