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On approximately 11-7-17 I purchased a new ZTE Blade cellphone from the Metro PCS store on Grand River & Grand Blvd in Detroit. I was very happy with the phone because of its larger screen and ability to handle more data. The phone worked fine until the morning of 11-17-17 when I noticed a small crack had appeared on the right side of the screen. During the day the crack quickly spread across and down the middle of the screen. The first chance I got I took the phone back to the store for a warranty exchange. The salesman at the store said that there was nothing he could do for me because I hadn't purchased a service contract completely ignoring the manufacturers warranty. I am a retired electronic technician with more than thirty-five years with Sears, Highland Appliance, and Dexter TV. In situations like mine we always happily exchanged any unit that had a defect in under two weeks of use. Now this is the fourth phone I have purchased from Metro PCS in seven years paying over five thousand dollars in phone bills. If nothing can be done for me I will definitely never deal with Metro PCS again and will advise everyone I know on Facebook to do the same. If you are willing to help me contact me at [protected]

Sincerely, George Murphy

Nov 20, 2017
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      Nov 25, 2017

    I purchased a new ZTE MAX BLADE on 10/16/2017 after a week of having the phone I began to have issues with phone freezing and shutting off. I went into 2 different store to see what my options were in regards to switching the phone out and got the run around so on 11/24/17 I called the customer service and was advised to go into the service center in my area and when I got there the sales person there named Boi looked at me as i was crazy and stated that the did not do manufactor defect exchanges. I was explaining that I was told to come there and so now he tells me that he would have order the phone mind you my phone is not working at all and the phone is locked up so it does not work, the phone has no damage besides where the case that i purchased from metro pcs store when i got my phone rubs my phone meaning there is no damage. So Boi tells me that I have to call corp. to get assistance so he call customer service where i was on the phone for over an hour and during the the time on the phone and in the store the rep. on store insulted me by stating that apparently i didnt have any money because i was using metro pcs phone service then another person that worked in the store out from the back throw some numbers at me ans said when was i leaving because she was tired of hearing my mouth. i was still n the phone getting the run around. so after 1 hour and 45 min. i was disconnected from customer service and i was asking Boi for some info in regards so i could contact corp on the store and customer service he laughed and said it was no need to complain because no one was going to do anything about it i refused to be treated this way this is the worst customer service i have ever had i am thing bout contacting the BBB. and writing a review on metro pcs . Now i have to buy a new phone am canceling my 4 lines

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