MetroPCS/Smart Pay Leaseapproved then not for a$450.00 loan for a phone

I bought a blade zte from metropcs several months ago and a month after buying it I started having problem's with it, so after not getting any relief after several calls I was told my only choices to replace this phone that I paid $160.00 for is to spend another chunk of my social. Sec./ disability and either buy another phone or spend another $50.00 on a insurance claim only to get another blade zte for which I found out the company was ran out of the us so then it was suggested that I apply for a smart pay loan so then tried that. To no avail I was approved for $450.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hendersonville, NC00 but by the end of the application it did not like one of my address answers... And I do mean one then it suddenly declined my application, i've gone back 3 with proof of who I am and bank account statement social security card and driver's license ect. After the last visit to the metropcs store I was led to believe I would hear back via email by monday nov 26th and I have not. I've been a good customer for close to 2yrs. And always pay early I hope somehow this will be resolved reasonably because frankly i'm beyond pissed. Just in case my email has been miss placed it is [protected] I would deeply appreciate some attention in this matter.

Nov 26, 2018

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