Metroid Capitallooks suspicious

All I know about their location is that they are based somewhere in San Franciso. An exact address is not provided and that's a bad sign.
Of course, there's no team introduction at all. But they surely could have provided much more information about everything.
One more thing I don't like is that the website is a single page which is really not acceptable when it comes to investment companies.
It says the company was found by two entrepreneurs. I think it's not enough, really. They had to recruit more people. It is referred to everything: their reputation, experience and so on, things that only a big team can do. Next thing they state is that they "built and distributed products to over 2 000 000 individuals across 180+ countries". Any examples or proofs? Maybe these 2 000 000 individuals don't exist? If they do, why none of them left any review?
Yes, a lot of things should be done to make people believe this firm is not another scam.

Nov 27, 2018

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