Metrobraz moving / Non delivery items from my moving

1 Philadelphia, MS, United States

Well i hired this moving company to help me moving my niece ..that she was leaving Philadelphia and going back home to Brazil. The guy Francisco Ferreira was very nice ar the moment and all my questions was answered and i asked specific about date frame and insurence. He said the moving should be in Brazil in 3 it was September ..ok by Dezember would be there...and about the insurence HE SAID WOULD BE NOT NECESSARY...because he works pretty good and all was going to be okay.
But unfortunately he was not telling the trust, he got our money, our stuff, our moving and did not attend us when we started looking for answers. AFTER a long process, stress and lost of mind..our moving got in Brasil after almost 8 months later. The moving truck called us on the delivery date around 11 Pm...saying they were up to delivery all. I thought was a joking but the driver said ..that they would be there in 1 hour. THEY GOT AT THE HOUSE AT 2.30 AM. At the same time i was relief and mad..but they delivery 10 boxes 48" inches...and some other forniture...The driver was in a really rush to finish all the deliceries..the truck was almost empty...I DID NOT HAVE TIME TO LOOK INTO THE.BOXES BECAUSE OF THE DRIVER S RUSH...I DID NOT CONFERE ANYTHINK BY MORNING THE NEXT DAY. FOR MY SURPRESE IT WAS MISSING A LOT...A LOT OF THINGS. A TV SET, CLOTHING SHOES, GRADUATION DRESSES, ELETRONICS EQUIPS, AND SO ON.
We lost around 5.000 to 6.000 in damages...and it were sooking was a great loss. And at the end this guy Francisco Ferreira said it was not his responsability and
and dont want pay us for our loss. He has been a terrible person to us...and ijust want to say DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY METROBRAZ MOVING NEVER ..His words means nothing ..he is not honest and the prices is to high to pay.

Jun 28, 2015

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