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Metro Vw / Buyer beware

1 United States

Where to begin?...I first met the Metro VW people several months after buying my 2002 Passat from another VW dealership in November 2004. The factory warranty was about to expire and I decided to purchase an extended warranty. I opted to go to Metro VW for the warranty purchase as they were on the way from my home to my office. After speaking with a salesman I decided on their Platinum Extended Warranty which garnished the VW name at $2500.00. But, infact was a third party company called Fidelity (I found this out later).

The car dies in the middle of the freeway in rush hour traffic at 60 MPH!s After I forced the dead pile of tin to steer to the inside shoulder (pure luck). I reflected while waiting for a tow truck. I was very happy and pleased with myself that I purchased that Metro VW warranty. Wow, the car was several hundred miles past the factory warranty limit now. I get a call two days later explaining that the alternator is bad and has been replaced. Come and get your car. Oh yeah, $100.00 deductible please. Three days later leaving work in an ice storm the car is dead. I get a jump and ALL the warning lights light up and stay on. I limp to Metro VW for repairs. Two days later. We replaced the battery. Come get your car. Oh yeah that will be $100.00 please. Several weeks pass. The car has another seizure in rush hour traffic. Lights off, motor off, steering assit gone! Luckily no fatalities (again). Three weeks later. Come get your car. We think it was the altenator (again) so, we replaced it (again). Don't worry you already gave us $100.00 for this. Several days pass. Seizure! Hello Metro VW. Six more weeks. Come get your car. We replaced this wire connector (Okay...). We think that should do it. You guessed it, $100.00 please. Several days pass. Dead battery. Hello Metro VW. We replaced your battery (again). Sometimes they are bad right from the factoy. Sorry about that. No charge.
Hey Metro VW why is the rocker panel hanging off my car? I can drive it like that! Oops, Come back tomorrow. We will need to get a new one put on. While you are at it, do you think you could replace the shifter handle that you broke, fix the dent you put in the fender, replace the cabin air filter that you lost and install a new antenna that has seems to have sheared off in your care? Also that is an interstate battery. Not a VW unit. Think you might address this stuff too? Three weeks later. Hello stranger. But, why are my radio knobs missing? We didn't do that! But, no problem we will put on new knobs.
Several months go by. Hey Metro VW, my Passat is making a loud screeching noise in the front. Hmm, we need to put in new CV joints in the right side. That shoud do it. By the way your Platinum Warranty won't cover that. $300.00 please.
Several more months go by. Hey, the front end is really squishy and rides very rough. Well we talked the warranty company into new struts. Come get your car and bring us $100.00. We billed the $300.00balance to warranty. During this debocale the car would intermittenly die. This forced Metro VW to keep the car most of the 2007 year. At this time I found the car sitting on Metro VW's back lot covered in dirt inside and out with the windows down. The dash was laying in the front seats. The sun roof was open. The car had been rained in. Birds were roosting and deficating on the seat backs. The head lights bezels had actually sun faded and turned from clear to yellow in the 100 degree plus Texas summer. I brought the cars condition to the service managers attention. His name is Tim. The little midget never acknowledged the Passat's poor condtion, let alone an apology!
I forced them to wrap up the repairs. I was then charged for an oil change that was not done. They found HomeLink(R) in the drivers visor to be the culprit causing all of the woes. But, made me pay for those parts. They put 1235 miles on the car. We found foot prints on tha dash. I found parking vouchers for bars in Fort Worth and sticks and grass stuck in the under carriage. The new tires were not new anymore. The wheels were covered in brake dust and the tail pipes were black with carbon. When I asked them to please just put the struts on that were never done they just laughed at me. BUYER BEWARE of Metro VW @ 2035 W Airport Fwy. Irving, TX 75062. Service: 2400 N. Story Road. Oh, don't bother asking for the owner Brad Haggastad @ direct [protected]. He doesn't care either.
The sign of lack luster sales is a result of the same in service.
P.S. If you want to hear more-share please comment. Especially if you have been treated the same and have also struck out with VW North America. They care even less!


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