Metro Regional Youth Detention Center / Assult/Officer Small

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My son is being held at Metro Regional Youth Detention Center. Officer Small assaulted my son on 8/25/2009 and I was never contacted by any one at the facility. My son phoned me on 8/26/2009 at 8:30pm stating that the officer put him in a chokehold and he awoke in his cell on the floor in a puddle of blood with a hold in his chin. My son did not receive medical attention until 8/26/2009, but he was never transported to a hospital. I tried to file a complaint on 8/27/2009 and was told that I could not because the incident was reported and the incident was being investigated.

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  •   Sep 11, 2009

    Were pictures taken of your son's injuries? Were pictures taken of the area were the assault took place? Were you given any kind of report, or report number, or the name(s) of the people who are investigating the assault? From my past experience law enforcers are a tight group of 'liars'! Unless you keep on their ###, they will sweep this assault right under the table and out the door! Try to seek a attorneys help who deals in civil rights violations. Make sure 'you' get a detailed account of what happened from your son: what was said, what was done, dates, times, etc. What ever you do, don't give up. These officers are counting on you to be frustrated enough; by their 'run-around' tactics, that you will forget the whole thing ever happened. GOD bless and good luck.

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  • Ju
      Nov 13, 2009

    I would definitely notify the news media. Officers believe thatthey cannot suffer consequences as well, and these are young men that have to suffer behind some ignorant officer that cannot control his self or his home so he have to control people at work. Unfortunately it has to be the incarcerated. NEWS MEDIA --INTERNAL AFFAIRS ALSO--INTERNAL AFFAIRS..YES INDEED!!!

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