Metro public adjuster / Service is horrible

1 Willow Grove, PA, United States

I understand a lot of people were affected by the storm Sandy. So we called Metro public adjusters instead of filing a claim ourselves. BIG MISTAKE!!! We went thru the process, started getting somewhere with the insurance company. Checks came in, the adjuster forgot to file some of the work he promised. We sent Metro the checks and have done everything he asked. Now we've been calling him for 3 weeks to find out where we stand with the additional stuff plus the money they already have possession of. He is not calling us back. I don't believe they deserve the money it costs, 3 weeks and not a simple call back. This is absurd!!! I have told everyone I know NEVER to use this company or any public adjuster. It's a complete rip off. I will continue to tell everyone never to use Metro for anything.

Apr 18, 2013

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