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Metro Lending / loan fraud

1 NJ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 18664272541

I have the same problem. I received a call from sally reynold that i had been approved for a 5000 loan she just needed a 750 dollers to secure my load then i would not have to make a payment for 6months. I had signed the papers faxed it back then got the information to money gram it to a wanda tucker in canada. Sally reynold gaureented that the money would be in my account the next day. I took my xmas money to do this so that my ki9des would have a great xmas. The next day no money. Then a gut nameed James Hogan called said they needed a litle more mony to this cause of my credit so I sent additional 500 to the same person he said I would have the money by 5pm. But no money in my account. I tried to call for 2 day did not get answer. 3 days later another guy called said he was a supervisior that paper work came to him cause the brooker backed out . But stated he had another brooher for 10, 000 loanfor addictioal 1500.dollers. I said no thats I wanted my money back. He said my refund would be in my account on january 16th. STILL NO MONEY. I reported to bbb. and new jursey.

does any one else what I should do because I want my 1200.00 back. That is for me to take care of my 2 kids.

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  • Yo
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    Metro Lending - approved loan
    United States

    told me I was approved but had to send 5445 dollars first. Thomas Bradford 1 888-314-1960 ext.615 caller ID picked up #973-482-3624
    checked BBB not real.

  • Br
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    I am also a victim of this company. I got a call saying that I had been aproved for a $35000.00 bussiness loan, and was excited. I had the papers faxed to me, read them over very well, and sent them back signed. I was informed that due to my credit history that I would have to pay a deposit for security on the loan of 9 months worth of payments. So that being said, I borrowed the money from my family. I got a phone call later that day, saying that the lenders insurance company needed an additional 9 months worth of payments. So again i borrowed the money from my family. I was promised with a letter of gaurentee that the money would be in my account the following day, by 5 pm. I got yet another phone call saying that the first lender had backed out at the last moment, and thet they had found me a new lender, but it was for $70000.00, so I would have to pay another 18 months worth of payments and that the first deposits that I had made would be credited to the new lender. So I sent through moneygram at Walmart another half payment of the deposit. All of this money had been sent to Canada. The people that I had contact with were Craig Mathison, Mr. Roberts, and David Carpenter. I have been duped hard, and put my family out with alot of money because of this BS. I can only hope and pray that with all the information I have, and my signed contract, that I can get my refund on April 1, 2009. And I hope that this will help someone else from getting hurt into the situation that I am currently in.

  • Ib
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    I too recieved a call from Metrowide Lending Group. Steven Latimer faxed me the loan documents. But thanks to researching the company on the internet and reading the complaints, I was saved from making a $938.00 mistake. I have a list of phone numbers used to call me. I'll share in case others are unsure as to what to do.
    954-804-3030 Cell (Florida)
    973-482-3624 Cell (New Jersey)

    The company is suppose to be located in Newport News, Va.

  • De
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    I am Detective L. Crain with the Newport News Police Department. I have received a number of complainants through the National White Collar Center and Newport News Police Department. On 3/26/09, I went to the companies address in Newport News, VA and I found no company with an office in that building or in the entire city. There is no business license with city or corporation papers with the state of VA. The website is out of China and South America.
    This is a scam... Newport News Police Department will not be able to take a police report because there is no jurisdiction for prosecution. The victim's have been sending the money by wire to Cananda. Again, this international. Please contact the FBI if you are a victm. There is not much law enforcement can do when the international laws and enforcement. If you sent money to Cananda, please make an online complainant with the Cananda Royal Police.

  • Br
      6th of Apr, 2009
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    Hey out there to all of us used by the acts of Jack-sses at Metrowide Lending Group! I have called and made complaints to the BBB in Va. I have also called the Federal Trade Commission, and Phonebuster ( out of Canada) to file my complaints. Everyone else out there needs to do the same!!! Also, save the phone numbers that these boneheads might have called you from, because I have one that wasn't the company. I hope we can nail these shmucks to the wall, and get eveyone back the money that we all needed to begin with. If I had only been a lot more diligent, and thought with my head instead of my wallet, I wouldn't be in this situation. I have 2 kids, and now losing my home because of these jerks!!! I called the Federal Trade Commission, and filed a complaint. They need 4 or more complaints in order to investigate, and stop this from happening again.

    888-495-8501 phonebusters
    877-382-4357 Federal Trade Commission
    800-876-7060 Internet Fraud Watch

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