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I received a phone call from Benjamin Stone on December 6, 2008 stating that I was approved for a $10, 000 loan. He explained the loan to me in detail and I even asked several questions to make sure that the loan was legite. He then told me he would fax the loan agreement to me and that I had until December 12, 2008, which was a Friday, to make a payment of $1823.34 to Morgan Bonfield in Edmonton, Canada to cover the first 6 months of payment due to my current credit score. I even sid to Mr. Stone, you are absolutely sure this is not a scam, because if I pay this money by the 12th, I will not have money to buy Christmas for our children and I will then be 2 payments behind on my car loan. Mr. Stone assured me that the loan would be in my account on Monday December 15th and that he was absolutely positive that the loan was legite. At first I was leery of this, thinking scam, the whole works. But then I read the loan agreement carefully and seen nothing out of the ordinary, and money grammed the cash. I then called Benjamin Stone to give him the reference number from the money gram, and he went into detail how I would recieve paperwork in 7-14 days and that I would receive the $10, 000 on Monday, since banks don't deposit on the weekends.
Monday December 15, 2008 came and no money deposited. I then received a call from a man named Harry, senior executive explaning that the assurance department reviewed my account, once the $1823.34 was received and has deemed me needing to pay another 4 payments totally $1215.86 and then I would receive my loan of $10, 000 the very next business day. This is when I broke down, hestarically crying, because the payment of $1823.34 made was my car payment and the money I needed to buy our 7 children Christmas. Harry told me the extra money was explained in Article VIII of the loan agreement, and when I read that, before making the initial payment, I thought how could they want more money, I making a payment of $1823.34. Harry explained to me that I have until January 10th to pay the $1215.86 or I can ask for a refund for the $1823.34.
I have contacted an attorney, who has been in contact with the New Jersey State Attorneys office to see what can be done. I am bound and determined to get my $1823.34 if it takes me the rest of my life. I hope that no one else gets caught up in this scam. And in case you didn't realize, the web site is no longer in existance. So they scammed enough people to get the money these THIEVES needed and are probably preying on some other innocent person. All I wanted was to pay on some bills I owed on, one being our house payment, before our home is foreclosed and we have no where to live with 7 children. It's a sad, sad world we live in. And believe me, it only takes me ONCE to learn a lesson.

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  • Je
      2nd of Jan, 2009

    I recieved a phone call on 12/01/2008 from Michael Webb at Metro Lending ststing I was approved for a $5000 loan. I had several questions which he answered easily. He stated that due to my past credit situation this would be a secured loan and I would need to send $930.00 to secure my loan. I was very leery and told him I woiuld have to think about it. He was very polite and gave me the company web site to help answer any questions I might have. I went on line and everything seemed legit. I called Michael Webb 2 days later with more questions. He was very friendly and explained that the money I was sending would also be my payments for the first 8 months. I questioned him multiple times about this being some sort of scam because I would have to borrow money from my parents to cover the amount I was sending. He assured ne that once I has sent my deposit the $5000 would be in my account within 1 business day. On Friday 12/12/2008 I sent $930.00 via money gram as instructed to Nicole Ferguson. I called MIchael Webb, as instructed, once this was done, he then congratulated me on my new loan and stated my money would be there by 5:00 pm 12/15/2008 and my loan papers were being sent out that day. I was extremely nervous all weekend. I checked my bank account every hour on Monday and found that no money had been recieved. When I left work I found a message on my cell phone from James Hogan, account supervisor, that there was a problem with my loan and I needed to send more money. I immediately called this James person and was informed that my account had been re processed and I would need to send an additional $930. I became very irrate with this man and demanded my money back. He was horrible to deal with but finally stated my money would be refunded on 01/02/2008. I argued that this was a scam and demanded ny money back immediately. He refused to tell me the name of the lender when I asked and hung up on me. I called 2 more times that evening and argued even more with him, all to no avail. I threatened to call the better business bureau and the attorney general and he just laughed. Well today is 01/01/2008 and there has been no money refunded to me. I attempted to call the company and found that the number was no longer a working number, the fax number has been disconnected and the website no longer exists. I spoke with the people at money gram, they are unable to do anything other then file a compaint of fraud. They suggested I contact my local police a file a report and retry contacting the attorney general of New Jersey. I have done all of this today. Each place was sympathetic but informed me not hold on to any hope of ever seeing my money again. Unfortunately this doesn't help me. And to make matters worse my sister is going through the same thing because I reccommended she call this compaby for a loan too. I hope they can some how be caught and made to refund all the money they have scammed.

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  • Ja
      7th of Jan, 2009

    Like the complaint above, I to have been caught in a scam. It happened just as she outlined in her complaint. I did think it was a little strange for them to ask for money upfront, however, I thought this way I will already be seven months ahead with my monthly payments. I was by Michael Webb that all I needed to do to receive my $10, 000 was wire a payment of $1, 640.00 to a Nicole and I would receive my loan. The next day I receive a phone call from someone who was suppose to be the credit manager and was advised that due to my credit by a company in Canada I needed to wire additional funds. I was unable to obtain the funds and never wire the additional funds. I attempted to contact the office and got a brief message and the phone would hang up. I browsed the web for the web site and found that it no longer exists. All I want is my money back, $1, 640.00. I will contact the BBB in New Jersey and the Attorney General there for some type of assistance; hoping that someone will provide some answers.

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  • Ch
      9th of Jan, 2009

    I too am a current victum of metro lending group. I was told I was approved for $25000.00 and had to pay for 6 months worth of payments upfront as collateral. I was told to wire the money at a moneygram located in walmart to a person named Jennifer holbrook in canada. I was to receive the money the next day in my account. I really wanted to beleive that the loan was real because I really needed the money.The next day instead of getting my money I got a call from a new person named James hogan. He said that the bank wanted an additional 6 months worth of payments to secure the loan. i had completed a contract via fax and should have known better. I came up with the money, some of which was barrowed from a friend. So now there is a good friend who I have to pay back. I sent the additioanl money and was to receive the money in my account on christimas eve. Instead of money I received a phone call saying that the lender had backed out and that they had a new lender waiting for me but that they would only lend me $50000.00 and that they would give me a longer term to keep the payment low. I was also told that I would have to come up with 2 yrs of payments upfront. I told them I could not and they said that they would cancel the contract and refund me the now $5800.00 that I had given them. They say I will have the money on january 20th. I highly doubt it!!! Please do not do business with this company!!! I have filed a complaint with the new jersey BBB today and have also contacted the FBI in New jersey as well.

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  • An
      29th of Jan, 2009

    I too have been scammed by the company. I am so ashamed that I was foolish enough to think this was legit. I am out $2, , 400. I need to get my money back as well. If anyone has information on these people. Please email me at [protected]

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  • Gl
      2nd of Feb, 2009

    i received a phone call saying a private investor would loan me a bussiness loan if i came up with $930. to pay insurance. i came up with it and sent it through a walmart. then i got another call from another jason saying there was a problem i needed to send another $930. for the insurance. I had to borrow every dime of it and get a title loan for a car to get it. the next day a Gordon Shield called saying the lender backed out and I needed to send more money for a $10, 000 loan I told him no way to send my money back he started yelling at me gettting angry and telling me they had ways to send money back . I could not get my money intill january 10, 2009. I never have received it and have no way of knowing how to get it back or who to contact on this matter. if any knows please let me know because now i have nothing and am farther in the hole and may have to close my bussiness down .

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