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Metro Lending Group / Fraud and cheating

1 502 Valley RdWayne, NJ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866-427-2541

I received a call from someone by the name of Gordon Shields on December 10, 2008. I did not answer my cell so he left and voicemail stating that I had been approved for a loan in the amount of $5, 000. I returned his call and he provided me with information regarding the loan. He stated that the loan would be for a period of 48 months at an interest rate of 6%. I asked if the loan amount could be increased to $7, 000 and he quickly responded with a yes.

Mr. Shields then informed me that I would have to send funds in the amount of $984.16 in order to secure the loan. He stated that this amount would be for six monthly payments and that I would not have to pay until July 1, 2009. Loan documents were faxed to me and I signed and returned them.

He provided me with Money Gram instructions. I was to send the money to someone by the name of Marissa Speith. It was to go to Brooks, AB Canada. I sent the funds, but when I got back home I started thinking to myself that this was too good to be true. The company website looked legitimated but I was still having some doubts. I call Money Gram and asked that they refund the money transfer to me. They said that it would not be a problem and that they had people that actually lost money this same way.

Beware of Metro Lending Group. I am just lucky that I was able to get the funds before they were picked up by Marissa Speith. Money Gram does not refund once funds have been paid to the receiver.

Their telephone number is [protected].


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  • Co
      25th of Dec, 2008
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    Metro group lending;
    posted: dec, 25 2008 by-corliss
    fraud& lying
    Metro lending group
    502 valley rd, Wayne NJ
    I also received a called from Rodger Bilson stated that i been approved for 20, 000 dollar. I asked Question and he seem to be very professional and of cause that's what a scam is all about. I called family member when to my bank, The manager at the bank stated that this seem like a scam. If someone is going to lend you money you shouldn't have to pay in.
    Roger Bilton; what me to western union 1000, 40 and then he would deposit 18, 000 into my checking account the next day. The deposit was for a secure loan and7 month payment toward the loan.I was my son and is wife look on the google internet and seen this was a scam many complaint about how this company is ripping poeple off . This should be stop. But until it is thank you . By putting your complaint on the internet i didn't put my money or my son money out their.
    Thank you: their telephone # have not change 1-866-427-2541

  • Th
      30th of Dec, 2008
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    Metro Lending Group - money transfer
    metro lending group
    502 Valley Road
    Phone: 18664272541

    applied for a loan and moneygram $1300 dollars to secure loan for $8000 and never got loan nor my $1300 dollars back. my name is theresa patterson 6786105661 how can this be stopped and get my money back.

  • Er
      6th of Jan, 2009
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    my name is erica. I received a call one nite said that I had applied for a loan, i was so excited about the loan because I need the money fto by christmas and catch up on some bills.I ask the man name micheal webb what was the catch he said no catch it was for people who credit wasnt so great.I said that make since.he told me that I had to pay 6or 7 months in advance because because of my credit problems. when i got paid I sent the money to meaning did a money gram for $700.oo plus $14.16 to send to canada galary to a Nicole pickering.I was surpose to received $5014.16 .now I did the transaction on 12/11/2008 and was surpose to received the money on 12/12/2008, the manager call me back the next day i ws surpose to get the money in my account he tells me to send another $700.oo just to make sure if i default on the loan that they would have there sericuty deposite. Please help me get my money back.those people that are doing are goin gto regreat tthey ever done this I when we get hold to them I hope they get put on the kail house for the rest of there lives.thereis no telling how many people they have did this to.. have any Question anyone please call me at 813 597-8525

  • Ja
      7th of Jan, 2009
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    Michael Webb at Metro Lending Group (866-427-2541) told me the same lie. I completed a loan agreement and was given instructions to wire funds via Moneygram. I want my money back. I really need the money to pay my rent. If anyone have any heads up on this matter, please contact me at 214-460-5135. Thanks. Oliver Jackson

  • Ju
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    Metro Lending Group - loan scam
    Metro Lending Group
    502 Valley Road
    New Jersey
    United States
    Phone: 866-427-2541

    I have experienced the same scam as everyone else listed here. I have spoken with Sally Reynolds and James Hogan from this fake Metro Lending Group. Please contact me if you are working with someone to help with this problem.

  • Ju
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    I agree. This is a total scam!

  • Ci
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    This is like reading my story!!! I am shocked. I actually went to send the money and something said don't do it so I didn't until I did more research. The BBB didn't have a report on them so I thought that was a good sign. The name was metrol Lending and I knew of that name. I thought I was safe.

    I also Spoke to Sally Renolds (who by the way when I told her I cannot afford to be out this money as a single mom with two kids this close to xmas. I sent the money on December 15th. My daughters 18th Bday was December 22nd. This put me in such a bad position.) and told me I was approved for a $10, 000.00 loan. Told me I needed collateral to secure the loan. Told me to secure the loan I needed to pay@ $1600.00 and I would received my loan of $10, 000.00 in 24 hours.

    I sent the money by money gram and the money loan money was never direct deposited into my savings account. I called & Sally and she said that I needed to speak to her supervisor Gorden Sheilds & he would take care of everything.

    I called Gorden Shields and he said my application was re-assessed and I needed to pay an additional 6 months of payments $1600.00 and then the loan money would be deposited into my account in 4-6 hours. I told him no-way and asked him to refund my money. He said he would on the next billing cycle 1/10/09.

    Needless to say that wasn't good enough. I told him that, that was un-acceptable. He began to goat me into an argument about the refund. He then put me on hold and thats the last I heard from him. I called various times, left message, etc. But nothing. I called Sally and gave her hell she said she knew nothing of it. That she was a god fearing woman with kids and would never stear me wrong. I told her I reported them to the BBB and that she should be ashamed of herself for doing this to people. She was 'offended' lol Its sick knowing how much money these people ended up getting away with. This makes me literally sick to my stomach.

    I was hopeful I'd get a refund but when I called the number that is no longer good and went to pull up their website which no longer works and found this site I know that money is long gone. Whoever these people are they don't have a soul.

  • Ni
      23rd of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was also duped by these ###. I lost $2900.00 and that is A LOT of money for me. I hope these people are found and beat down and arrested and given 300 years in jail. The number is no longer in service, neither is the website and fax number. I WHOIS the website and there is a number there, but I am not going to call it. We are not going to get out money back, and it is gone. If these people are found - they are going to lose their houses to pay back all of us. They hopefully will be found, because there is no place they can hide!

  • Nr
      24th of Apr, 2009
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    I was also called by Michael Webb, who told me I had qualified for a 5, 000 loan, but had to pay 820.00 to secure the loan for 7 months. I was called the next day by a man with the name of Gordon Shields who told me I had to pay another 820.00 because my credit score was not high enough, so I borrowed the money. The next day I got a call from James Hogan who said that the lender backed out of the agreement and I could either wait until January to get my refund or pay more money to receive a 10, 000 loan. I told him he was crazy and I wanted my money back. These people were very good scam artists, I just hope they are caught before more people fall victim to their scam. All of this happened Dec 20, 2008. I really thought I was going to have a lot of money for Christmas, I was wrong. NB

  • Ni
      27th of Apr, 2011
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    metro group - genuine or not

    the group is giving a 100sq yard plot in sector 38 rohini.

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