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METRO BUS 6O Los Angeles / Use TAP

1 7th & BroadwayLos Angeles, CA, United States Review updated:
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Metro use the new TAP (transit Access Pass), but almost all time inside the buses that machine does not work, I charge my TAP every week $17, this morning 3:06 am the employee #16589, driving the bus #7838 told me that I need to pay because my TAP card is empty (without money), and then I gave my payment proof and was imposible that she let me ride the bus. Why Metro has this kind of people working with them, she told me that I Need to pay again. Why I have to pay again if I show my ticket. Metro say: The best of America, but whith this kind of people working for them whitout a good customer services, I can't believe that "eslogan" Metro please take note with this Upset emp. you are a Company of services.

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  • Bu
      28th of Oct, 2009
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    I saw one time at El Monte bus station. Metro Bus line# 490 and bus driver number 8895 Africa America. He is very rude driver. I heard he used the [censored] words to talk to the customer. He did not know how to use the new tap machine. At Metro bus you have to wipe the tap card twice if you use the foothill tap card (Tap card can be used in both Metro Bus or Foothill bus). First tap charged $1.25 then push the key #5 (He didn't know how to do it) for second tap. I talk to that customer and she said Metro Bus did not give any word back to her. What can she do?

  • Ni
      9th of Dec, 2009
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    Whatever race the bus driver is, its a 50/50 chance that you will get a rude one. I have been called worse by them. From stopping in the middle of the street to flying past bus stops and not knowing where the bus they're operating is going, and that's only the tip of iceberg . . . Blame the union that protects them. After I called in to reload my monthly fee to my tap card with my cc, the guy told me it wouldn't work until at least 48hrs, I asked him, "what do I tell the bus driver if the card won't tap." He informed me that I just have to pay until it worked, I told him to cancel the transaction, at which time he informed me he could not. I asked for his supervisor, he suddenly decided that he could cancel it after all. I go the train station and then pay for my tap card with my cc, where it loaded immediately and worked fine. Lo and behold I checked my cc statement and I have two charges for tap card, the guy still processed my cc. When I called a few days later and asked to speak with a supervisor the woman that answered wanted to know everything, I insisted on speaking with a supervisor, it took around 15 minutes before he finally came on the phone, when I told him what happened he claimed he showed that the transaction canceled, I then called my cc company who said they never canceled it. He then informed me I would have to file a dispute through my cc company before he could anything, well the cc company said it would take them 6-8 weeks to process a claim. NOW IS THAT SUPERVISOR AND HIS EMPLOYEE A LIAR OR WHAT? They need to be disciplined, and oh, his tone was very condescending and superior when he came on the phone. I will be a polluter and happily drive my car everyday now I've had enough of LA Transit!!!

  • Ki
      22nd of May, 2012
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    TAP card sucks! Just today, I loaded a value of $5 dollars Day Pass on my TAP card, and then I tap it at the gateway entry of Purple Line's Wilshire/Western, it worked. I got off at Union Station, walked outside, switched to a silver line bus, I tap my Tap when boarding the bus, it worked. Later, I got off at CSULA bus way station.
    After staying at the campus for 2 hours, I walked back to CSULA bus way station again, waited for 20 minutes, a silver line bus came, I tap my Tap card when boarding the bus, and this didn't work!! The bus driver was rude and told me, "hey! your card has no value on it!" I quickly showed her my receipt of purchasing/loading the 5 dollars on my TAP at 2PM this noon, she didn't even turn her head and said: "I don't look at receipt! I don't look at receipt!" I said, "I loaded a day pass of 5 dollars just couple hours ago." She said, "I don't look at receipt!"
    Ok, so I got out of that bus! I then waited for another 20 minutes, and another silver line bus came. I tap my Tap card when boarding, this time, it still didn't work! I was so mad! I showed the bus driver my receipt, he said: "I don't need to look at your receipt." I said, "I've loaded a 5 dollars value on my Tap card just hours ago!" He answered: "I don't look at your receipt because I believe you did load the value on your card." Ok, so this time, a nicer bus driver, I thanked him, but I couldn't help and asked, "if all you bus drivers all don't want to look at the receipt, then what the receipt for?" He looked at me and was like "I don't know, either."
    Then, he said, "your card probably expired." I said, "No way! I purchased this card just last week!"
    Anyway, I got off at Union Station again, and walked downstairs to switch to Metro rail Purple Line. I again tap my Tap card at the gate way entry, and guess what?! It worked! What a ridiculous T-A-P CARD!
    This was a very bad experience for me! Especially, with that female bus driver who treated me like if I was a liar. So, "Go Metro"?? From now on, I'm gonna avoid going Metro as much as possible! I can't imagine what if I loaded a 75 dollars monthly pass value on my Tap instead of 5 dollars?, and then when boarding buses and my Tap card suddenly doesn't work?! And then hearing this from bus driver: "Your card has no value on it." Metro can rid off my money so easily! "Go Metro"? No way!

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